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Shringar - custom made as well as regular shringar.

Pichois - cloth, cardboard, kundan - made to measure

Soft furnishings - saj, gadi, curtains, clothes for lalan and chabiji / Chitraji

Attars - Rose, heena, kasturi, jasmin and various seasonal scents regularly used in haveli.

Bhavat Padarvindam - heveli sangeet written by Bhagwat Shah, performed by Bhagvati Prasada and group.
Download individual tracks or entire CD from Amazon or i-tunes.

My books - 1st Divine Family, Addicted to Krishna and Deciphering the Mahabharata, Long Story Short are available on Kindle.  Search for the books on your local Amazon page for US, Europe, India etc.


Some gift items for kids and 'significant others' in your life.

Lego accessories




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