Petition to help save Nathadwara


Here are a few points to consider for a petition (request) to help save our Nathadwara. Let us take these to our satsang mandals and discuss what we can do to improve on these. Let us also discuss how we can collectively influence the decision makers. We have limited time to make any real impact, so let us all get working on this to save our Nathadwara.

Our petition (request) should exhort the trustees to examine the scale and scope of re-development.

We should request them to -

1) consider the impact on the way we do darshan. Darshans by appointment / token will hinder easy access to Vaishnavas. This goes against our tradition. Crowd control is necessary, but a better, more graceful method needs to be considered.

2) please do not destroy old buildings in and around the haveli. This is our heritage. It needs to be preserved and restored to its original glory. Renovation and re-working to modernise is welcome, but to demolish them is to deny our children any opportunity to experience their glorious heritage.

3) style of the new builds proposed need to be reconsidered. Please do not create innumerable marble halls that resemble airports / hotels. The new architecture should resemble the local Mewari style and should use materials and colours that are in keeping with the original haveli. The current craze for covering everything in sight with marble is totally contrary to the ancient heritage of the place.

4) please remove the ill conceived additions to the haveli, such as the noisy metal staircase between the main havelis. A new route to the Dhajaji should be made in such a way so as to be non intrusive for the Thakorjis. The plastic covering of Kamal chok also needs to be replaced by something more in keeping with Pushti tradition.

5) relocating most of the small shops around the haveli to a place far from the haveli will have detrimental effect on how we shop for our own thakorjis. Please consider that for most Vaishnavas, shopping is also a form of seva for us.

6) reconsider creation of a multi-lane road around the haveli. This will have a considerable impact on the environs of the town. This will also destroy the feeling of antiquity we currently have. The town will no longer resemble Vraj of Shri Vallabh's time. Pilgrims have often come from mega metropolis to imbibe that ancient feel of Nathadwara. If they find this to be the same as any other metropolis, it will loose its charm.

7) streets in the immediate vicinity of the Haveli need to be pedestrianised. A new one-way system needs to be introduced to make sure the traffic flows smoothly around the town. This is essential for the safety and security of the pilgrims and locals.

8) the town needs to be cleaned up by removing the stray dogs, pigs and cows from its streets. The trustees should work with the municipal auth to achieve this. Afterall, 99% of visitors to the town come for the Haveli, hence they are its guests and the haveli has responsibility towards them.


This is only a rough framework, please send your ideas and lets see what we can do as vaishnavs.


Bhagvad Gita is one of our main parmans, considered to be a corner stone of our faith and philosophy by Shri Vallabh. In Bhagvad Gita, the Lord categorically tells Arjun to act, without regard to its results.

ACT We MUST ! regardless of the results.

I am sure the Lord is with us.

Let us actively get this petition going and present it to the developers, trustees and the Tilkayat.


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Jan 2010 update -

Many buildings near Pritam pole have already been demolished to make way for new buildings.

On 6th of January 2010, the shops near the Vanmali Haveli were demolished amid acromonious scenes.

The temple board is not willing to listen to reason or negotiate any other alternatives.  It has made up its mind and is adamant on making changes it deems to be necessaary.

Bhagwat Shah

Pushti > 2000

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