Chir Haran lila




Virtuous Gopis
I know of your
Desire to adore Me
Through your worship.

It is worthy of


The Gopis heart's desired to reveal their inner intentions. Shri Krishna understood this and before they could say anything, to accomplish all ends mentions, "I already know."

 There is a good reason for the Gopis not to speak directly of their desires. If they did, the loving ras would no longer be nurtured.

If you question the purity of their intentions and that is why Shri Krishna does not address them directly, look again. Shri Krsihna calls them "Sadhavis", extremely virtuous. The Gopis are pure-hearted and free of impurities. They are loyal to their husband, the amazing Shri Krishna. 

Their motive to adore Him qualified them. Their divine desires will be fulfilled from the stamina of their devotional oath. The Gopis now have no use for anything anyone could offer them.

 Krishna explains, "You have come to know Me. Even if you first worshipped Devi Katyayani, it was really just to attain Me. In your second round of worship, you adored Me directly.

 I could question that real worship is offered to the awaken deva, the deva who responds and you Gopis did not even touch Me. Therefore, even though your worship was earnest it is make-believe. Also it could be questioned that worship done without the deva's permission bears no fruit. But none of this applies to you blessed Gopis. I am delighted with you, with your beings as well as with the reward you have choosen. I totally approve. Understanding your lila aspirations exhilarates Me; I am ecstatic."

Someone else continues to doubt the Gopis, "It is well know that the puja you offered to Shri Krishna with loving glances, flowers and other items of worship was useless because He never appeared to accept them." This doubt is erased with Shri Krishna's own words, "I approve of your puja and now perfect it by appearing before you and fulfilling your inner-most desires. Your loving glances and bhava are the complete and final offerings. Everything you have done up to this point is now perfectly poised. Your sequence of pujas have brought you to this devotional position."


When the form of desire,
The inner intention
As well as the puja is pure,
Then the fruit is always
True and worthy.


It is proper that from truth the authentic reward arrives and now there is no doubt, the Gopis will receive it. This is the bhava. The Gopis pure puja actions are under their command and this insures that the reward is also under their control. Shri Krishna's addresses the Gopis to remove their concerns.




There are two types of wisdom.

One is to know something's virtues,
The other is to know the inner form.

When Shri Krishna refers to the "Gopis desires" in those two words He shows that they understand the virtues of their oath but have not yet grasped its inner form. That procedure is comprised of pure ras and can only be known by direct experience. It will come to them in a later lila.  

When Shri Krsihna explains to them "Now I understand you." He is really speaking about their relationship of initmate love and said in a way to increase the intensity of the play. The Brahma Sutra says, "His lila only appears to be worldly". In fact everything Shri Krishna's does is perfectly divine. His words keep the exchange within the confines of the rules of ras. He also indicates that they will experience the complete form of their desires when they are blessed by direct contact with Him.



This was kindly translated by Shyamdas. His numerous books (in English) on Pushti Marg are well worth reading.

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