Chir Haran lila


Knew very well
Of the Gopi's intentions,
That they are holders of the vow
And longed to touch His feet.

Shri Krishna, who is also Damodar
Then addressed them
The Abalas.


This is the lila order:

Shri Krishna sees what is appropriate and then acts. The Gopi's true intention are now clearly before Him. Shri Krishna is called All Capable. He understands what is lila-appropiate and whatever He does becomes perfect. He undertands both the source and appearance of things and this allows Him to penetrate the situation.

He knows that the Gopis did not come to Him for a worldly marriage or sensuous enjoyment, nor do they contradict the ways of the world or desire wisdom. Those blessed girls contemplated the situation from every angle and arrived there only for love. They confirm this by longing to touch His feet.

They desired, through bhakti yoga, only Krishna. They crave the devotion of touch and now have no interested in even hearing about Him. There is no longer any appeal to practice anything else, not even the devotion of being His friend. All they want is His personal touch, His contact.

It is not merely a longing, they also desire to employ their bodies and senses in the sacred act. They worshipped Katyayani Devi to attain Shri Krishna as their husbands and that vow is still in place. If they had completed their pledge, they would no longer be Holders of the Vow.

Their Krishna oath encompasses a constant engagement of their minds and hearts. All of their capacites are infused into exalted bhakti. When Shri Krishna sees this, He addresses them is a way that will remedy and perfect their adoration.

If it be asked, "Why is Krishna addressing the Gopis?" It is because He is Damodar. As Damodar He falls under the Gopis control as He fell under His mother's hold when she tied Him up after He feed curds to the monkeys. The Gopis know, "Now He is under our thumb."

Krishna address the Gopis as Abala, women who have no strength to resist Him. By calling them Abalas, He assures them that this is only about ras. Now they will fall under each others control As Damodar, Krishna is under their domain

As Abalas, they are too weak to resist Him.



This was kindly translated by Shyamdas. His numerous books (in English) on Pushti Marg are well worth reading.

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