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Sexual Identity


Here is a brief list and definition of sexual identities.

They are sexually interested in people of the opposite gender.

Homosexual – gay and lesbian 
They are sexually interested in people of the same gender.

They are sexually interested in people of both genders.

They are sexually inert.

They surgically want to change their gender from the one they are born in.

Impotent – eunuch 
This can be determined easier in males rather than females.
Hijadas in India are mainly men who are born impotent.  If the family know this early enough, they live with other hijadas from an early age.  Impotence that strikes later in life does not end up with people going to live with the Hijara community.

Genital malformation is easy to determine from a young age.  Some hijadas in India are hermaphrodites and live with hijadas from an early age.

Transvestite – cross-dresser 
Male transvestites are men who like to dress up in women’s clothes and prefer to act like women, copying feminine mannerisms.  This is more or less unacceptable in most cultures. 
Female transvestites are women who like to dress up in men’s clothes and prefer to act like men and copy masculine mannerisms.  This is more acceptable in some cultures than others.

They feel trapped in the wrong body / gender.  This can be confusing and frustrating for the individual as they are trying to figure out as to who they are – are they their body or are they their mind.  There are legal and medical challenges associated with trying to either conform to the gender you are born in or acquire the gender they want to live in.  They also face several challenges with family, society and employment on top of emotional turmoil from within. 

Some transgender people want to simply ‘dress’ in clothes of the opposite gender, some want to take hormones to alter their body from within and some want to surgically change their body to match the body they believe they should have had at birth.

Transgender characteristic is independent of sexual orientation.  Transgender can be hetro, homo, bi or even asexual.

Androgyny / gender neutral / ambigender / polygender 
A combination of male and female characteristics in a person’s mannerism and traits is termed as androgyny.  Men and women can be androgynous, combining everything from mannerism, dress sense and role-play of both genders.   


Analysis of different sexual 'types'


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