Asharan ko pada


Shri Surdas sang the last pada, because someone said, "Surdas, you have sung countless songs of Krushna and His beloved gopies, but none about Shri Vallabh or Shri Gusaiji. Surely, as a devotee, you should sing at least one pada."

Shri Surdas said, "If in my padas you do not see Shri Vallabh, you have missed the point all together ! To me, Shri Nathji is Shri Vallabh, and so when I sing about Shri Krushna, I am obviously singing about Shri Vallabh. To me they are the one and the same." This was to be his last pada. He died as its last line finished.


Dhrada inna charanane kero bharoso, (2)

I take refuge at thy feet, for, I have absolute faith in thee and thee alone.

Shri Vallabha nakha-chandra chata bina,
Saaba jaaga mahi ju andhero.

Apart from the moon beams shining forth from thy toe-nails, I only see darkness in this world. / Thy guidance, like moon beams, guide me in this world, darkened with of ignorance.

Sadhan aur nahi ya kali-mai,
Jaso hawte nevero.

In this terrible age of Kali, I see no other way to save myself.

Sura kaha kahai dvividha andharo,
Bina molako charo.

Oh Lord Shri Vallabh, Surdas, thy most worthless slave, is blind in more ways than one !



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