With the grace of God and Guru, this site was originally created in 1996.

I would like to thank H.H. Shri RaghuNathlalji (Kamvan / Bombay), H.H. Shri Mathureshwarji, H.H. Shri Indirabetiji and H.H. Shri Gokulottasavji for their guidence and encouragement in this endevor.

A very heartfelt "thank you" goes out to Shri Amitbhai Ambalal of Ahemdabad in Gujarat. He has very kindly given us the permission to use the pictures from his excellent book, Krishna as ShriNathji.

Friends and visitors such as the Vaishnav Youth Circle (UK), Parul, Tejas Shroff of OnTime (Bombay), Deepak Bhatia (Gulf), Jayesh Ghandi (Houston) and Nish Patel (UK), Navneetbhai Parikh (India), Purviben, Ketulbhai and other vaishnavs have contributed pictures, articles and audio files to the site.  We are also very grateful to Shyamdas for generously devoting his time and energy to translating numerous works of Pushti Marg and publishing them on-line for the benefit of us all.


If you too would like to send in articles or pictures, please send them to our Yahoo account, b[email protected].



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