Shyamdas from Gujarat

Story No 44 from the 252 Vaishnavas...


He is a satvik bhakta. His lila name is Premakali.

Varta 1

During one of Shri Gusainji's pilgrimages to Shri Dwarkanathji's temple, Shyamdas become his disciple. Once when someone asked him what caste he belonged to, Shyamdas responded, "I don't know nor do I care. My wealth is my guru. He has shown me Shri Krishna." The man then reasoned, "Shyamdas will not talk about anything worldly."

Some days later, Shyamdas went to Gokul. There he was delighted to see his guru and massaged his feet. He then accompanied Shri Gusainji to Shri Nathji's temple where he reflected, "I am very blessed to have with my guru's grace, Shri Nathji's darshan."

Shyamdas then took permission to pilgrimage around the forests to Braja. When he returned to Shri Nathji's temple, he was given the seva of making Shri Nathji's flower garlands. One day, he asked his guru, "Please tell about the flowers of Vrindavan?"

Shri Gusainji began, "The flowers that are offered to Shri Nathji are really the hearts of the Gopis of Braja. They are blessed and can touch His form."

From that day Shyamdas never let his feet touch any flower nor would he handle them without first washing his hands. He made every effort to keep them fresh and treated them as divine beings.

A few days later, Shyamdas again questioned his guru; "If flowers are bhaktas, then how can we stick needles through them to make garlands."

"The needle is the indicator, it directs their minds and hearts into Shri Krishna. Then they are delighted and blossom. When you understand this, your relationship with Shri Krishna will be established. Then lila acceptance quickly ensues."

Some days later, Shyamdas was blessed with the lila darshan of many Gopis inside of one of Shri Krishna's flower house. Shyamdas innocently querried, "Ladies, who are you?"

They replied, "We are the divine forms of the flowers you offer to Shri Nathji. Pleased with your devotion, we decided to give you darshan. Now ask something of us!"

With folded hands he began, "Make my mind and heart unwavering in His seva."

The Gopis confirmed, "So it will be!"

When Shyamdas told Shri Gusainji about the experience, the guru explained, "The person who is in their last birth will never experiences any disconnection from Bhagavan. The Blessed Path has appeared for them."From that day, Shyamdas never had another worldly care. He left his body while he was making seva. After the bhaktas performed his last rites, Shri Gusainji praised him; "Shyamdas is a genuine practitioner. Steep in devotion, he was not even aware of his body."

Shyamdas was a blessed vessel. Through refuge, the guru revealed to him his lila form. To what extent can we praise him!



This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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