A mother, son and daugther-in-law

Varta 36 from 252 Vaishnavs


Now will be told the story of Shri Gusainji's disciples, a mother, her son and the daughter in law.

In the lila, the mother is Shyama and her lila friend, the gopi Ramada appears here on earth as her son. The daughter-in-law's lila name is Shyama Sanehini. Her mind is on always fixed upon Shri Krshna. She wanders about always intoxicated with devotion. For this reason everyone addresses her "Syama Sanehini", "The one who adores Krshna". She is a sattvika.


Once while Shri Gusainji once was traveling to Gujarat, the mother and son became Shri Gusainji's disciples. They imbibed from him the daily and festive seva practice and the bhakti master presented them with a Krshna svarupa. Because their seva was full of affection, Shri Krshna quickly blessed them with the experience of His Blissful Being.

The mother arranged for her son's marriage to a very simple-minded girl. When the mother brought her before Shri Gusainji for mantra initiation, she told her, "Repeat the mantra Shri Gusainji says to you." When Shri Gusainji invited them in and said, "Come and sit down", the girl immediately replied, "Come and sit down."

Shri Gusainji laughed and knew that she was very innocent. The bhakti mastered then whispered the mantra in her ear three times, "Shri Krshna is my refuge" and she repeated it back to him. He then told her mother, "Have your daughter-in-law help you in the seva. "But she is a foolish girl. What can she understand of seva?"

"Krshna will teach her."

Initiation made her lila connection firm, now Shri Krshna will quickly bless her.

One day, the mother told her daughter-in-law, "Today, you adorn our Krshna. After you are finished, show Him the mirror. If He smiles, know He is pleased."

After the mother went to the river, the daughter-in-law adorned Shri Krshna and showed Him the mirror. When she did not see Him smile, she thought, "Krshna is not please with my seva."

She then took off all of His clothes and ornaments and adorned Him again, but she did not see His smile. Only after she adorned Him eight times did Krshna finally smiled at her.

Here it is shown that Krshna does not reveal anything unless there is intense desire and this He created by making her adorn Him eight times. Her divine anguished created a profound longing which inspired Shri Krshna to shower His grace and smiled upon her.

From that day, Krshna often appeared to laugh and play with her and requested her to prepare specific things for Him. When her mother-in-law returned to the seva, when she sat down to adorn Krshna, she drifted into a light sleep and Krshna told her, "I perfer your daughter-in-law's hands for ornamentation. You should cook."

From that day, the daughter-in-law always adorned Shri Krshna. The Blessed Lord continued to smile and play with her and blessed her with the experience of all lila nectars. The, mother, son, and daugher in law are all vessels of grace. To what extent can we praise their story!


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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