A Sanoriya Brahmin from Braja

Varta 35 from 252 Vaishnavs


The Sanoriya Brahmin, a disciple of Shri Gusainji was a very greeedy man - he even poisoned his own sister and stole all of her jewelry. He then quickly died and was born as a snake and lived in a hole by the road between Mathura and Gokul on the Mai ghat.

Once, Shri Gusainji made his camp by the Mai ghat. Seeing a crowd of people, that vicious snake was just waiting to bite someone. Meanwhile, Shri Gusainji washed his feet and some of that water trickled into the snake's hole and when the water touch that snake, it suddenly remembered its previous karmas.

It emerged from the hole and bowed it hoods before Shri Gusainji. The bhakti guru put his feet upon its hoods and the snake left that form and became a human, a brahmin man. After Shri Gusainji inititated him, he left his body and was liberated.

To the assemble of amazed bhaktas Shri Gusainji explained, "That snake is a lila soul. Her name is Tamasadevi. When Yashoda tied Krshna up, she was the one who brought the rope. Mother Rohini, coming to this action cursed her and he came to earth as a Sanoriya Brahmin. Greed for money he killed his own sister and that karma caused him to take birth as a snake. Now he has finally liberated."

Everyone reflected upon their own great fortune for finding a guru like Shri Gusainji.

Because Shri Gusainji is Shri Krshna, by just taking his shelter, the soul becomes liberated. In the Path of Grace, Krshna uplifts His own souls through His special power of grace. There is no need to rely upon any other means. Hari's compassion suffices.

Even that Sanoriya Brahmin was a vessel of Shri Gusainji's grace, a bhakta liberated through an act of grace. To what extent can we tell of his story!


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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