Seth's Daugther from Lahore

Story No 31 from the 252 Vaishnavas...


She is a rajas bhakta. In the lila her name is Rain. Mansukha and is her bhava rup.


Seth's daughter married into a household that was turned from God. No bhaktas lived in her town and the descendants of Shri Vallabhacharya never visited there. It was devoid of all Hari dharma. Seth's daughter lived there for one year and survived on chick peas.

Shri Gusainji, knowing of her situation, sent his disciple Cha Chaji there. For one month Cha Chaji resided in a garden but could not find her until one day, when he happened to get some supplies from her house, she noticed his tilka and tulsi neckalce and asked him, "Who is your guru?"

Cha Chaji immediately knew who she was. "I am Shri Gusainji's disciple."

With folded hands she greeted, "Jai Shri Krshna!" and then started to weep.

"Why are you crying?"

"I am Shri Gusainji's disciple. My parents married me into this terrible home where everyone is turn aganist dharma. They have neither good actions or thoughts. This is a land of barbarians. What should I do?"

"Shri Gusainji has sent me here. Now listen carefully to what I say. Shri Krshna is compassionate and never forgets His lila souls. Be strong and follow this remedy; poison your husband!"

Seth's daughter followed Cha Chaji instruction and after poisoning her husband, he died. When everyone in the house started to cry, Seth's daughter told them, "There is a great soul living in a garden outside of town. Go and pray to him. He will bring my husband back to life. I have seen this in a dream!"

When they approached Cha Chaji he explained to them, "This man will only live if everyone in the family become bhaktas."

They all replied, "We will do whatever you say, but please make him live."

As soon as Cha Chaji put some holy sands that had touched Shri Krshna's feet into her husband's mouth, he was revived.


Why did Cha Chaji tell her to poison her own husband when Cha Chaji, who has all powers, could have easily made the entire family bhaktas without the poison? Also, why did he tell Seth's daugher to do something contrary to to ethics of the world?

The answer is that Cha Chaji saw all of their karmas.. In her previous birth, she was the daugther of an evil king. He poisoned her and all of his daughters because he did not want to pay their doweries. That king became Seth's daughter husband. To equalize those karmas, in this life, she was required to poison him. When Cha Chaji revived him with the sacred sands, the husband and wife became free of their previous actions. Bhaktas are compassionate and can relieve the karmas of others that have accumulated over lifetimes.


Cha Chaji then initiated the entire family and told them, "If you follow the instruction of Seth's daughter, you will be happy." From there Cha Chaji returned to Gokul. Seth's daughter was a vessel of Shri Gusainji's grace, a true bhakta. She liberated her husband's entire family. Shri Gusainji could not bear her distress. To what extent can we praise her account!


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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