Shloka 26

Those whose
Intelligence is
Absorbed into Me
Have no desire
For other aspirations.

A seed
That has been parched or boiled
Can no longer sprout.



One can not claim that something enjoyed and then mixed with something that has not been enjoyed will over time return to a state of being never enjoyed. Once enjoyed, so it remains.

With this reasoning, Shri Krishna explains to the Gopis, "Those whose intelligence is absorbed into Me have no desire for other aspirations."

Now the Gopis are Krishna immersed and will not revert to any previous worldly condition. They have been enjoyed, Shri Krishna has polished and cultivated them. There is no going back.

Understand their situation from this example. A well educated Brahmin who has contact with someone who is not erudite will not have his knowledge displace from that encounter, nor will he have to relearn what he already knows. Once a soul has offered itself to Hari, then everything connected to that being is also dedicated, linked with God.

Krishna's wisdom form out shines a billion suns. Every mind and heart is under His hold. When the mind is offered to Him, everything associated with that being becomes dedicated. This total offering is revealed when Shri Krsihna tells the Gopis they are, "absorbed into Me." They are not only dedicated they are enthralled, totally established.

The mind is under the control of desire.
Desire is under the control of wisdom.

It is heard that, "Desire is intent" and also "this is all mind". These are descriptions of the mind's dharma. Beyond the mind is the intellect. Everything is controlled by the intellect. Like a king who commands his kingdom controls his subjects. When the intellect is dedicated, everything is sanctified and will not regress to the undedicated state.

It is also heard that, "Purusha, the Being Supreme is comprised of divine desires." If desires do not arise from worldly yearning, they will not create worldly forms. The most sublte form is the intellect. When all worldly appetites are singed from the intellect, only lila desires will prevail.

When the intellect is absorbed, it can no longer engage in anything else. It is like a parch grain of barley that can no longer sprout. It has abandoned its previous condition. Some seeds can not be destroyed even by fired. Their ability to reproduce is destroyed only if they are boiled, if they have contact with both elements of fire and water. Those seeds, "when planted, bear no fruit."

Desires, like those seeds, once fired can no longer produce. Those who have dedicated themselves "to Me" their desires will no longer create worldliness. What else to say? Everything speaks for itself.


Translated from the original by Shyamdas.
He has translated numerous books on Pushti Marg.

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