Lila Rahasya

Shri Krushna, An introduction
Why is Krushna Black ?

Some interesting facts about shri Krushna's life

Vraj Lila, its uniquenes

Shakatabhanjana lila :- Are we ignoring the people we "love" or "live" for ?

Makhan-Chori :- Importance of being physically strong

Naga-Daman lila  

Dhenukasur vadh :- Reason why Shri Krushna killed an asur pretending to be a cow.

Chira Haran :- Why did Krushna steal the gopies clothes ?

Maha Rasa :- Celebration of (one of many) unique lilas of the Lord !

Rasa Rahasya :- God loves us as we are

ShriNathji as a dancer

Govardhan Puja :- Krushna's reasons for worshiping mount Govardhan

Lessons of Govardhan-Dharan, celebrating patience and forgiveness of the Lord for his devotees


Prabodhini Ekadashi :- celebrating 3 lilas of the Lord

Marriage of Tulsi and Shaligram
Sudama :- the most famous friend of Krushna !


Matsya avatar grows and helps others

Kurmavtar, karunavtar of God who works as a catalyst for his devotees
Narasimha avatar, bhaktaraj Prahalada and the essential aspect of FAIT in God

Holi :- Narsimha lila and test of FAITH

Vaman lila :- what it teaches us all ! 
Vaman > Virat :- ambition achieves
Parashurama :- God came to punish greedy kings and governments who steal from religious / charity organisations
Parashurama - lessons of an immortal


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