Vermilion Pavilion

( Collection of my romantic and reflective poems. )


Opposite shores of the sea.

Battered by waves, consumed by time.

Yearning to be one, forever growing apart.

Oh for the beginning of Time!



1000 leagues deep or higher than sky,

No moat, wall or veil will ever keep us apart.



Must I die a 1000 deaths before seeing thee?


Each moment without thee is more painful than death.



Stream of tears make riviers across skin,

Long parched by sorrows.

Oh for the spring of joy!



Be gentle my love!

Tear not the gossamer veil.


Even the impetuous bee awaits patiently for the bloom

to open of its own accord!



Daggers of thy eyes slice through my heart with such ease!

Will I live to see through this night?

Will I live to see the Sun rise?



Life is a Dream.

A one-way bridge between birth and death,

Tenaciously frail.

Life is a Dream.

Spider’s web of entangled relationships,

Insubstantial, yet, strong.

Life is a Dream.

Joys and sorrows,

Loves and hates of this melodrama,

Important, only to the self.

Life is a Dream.

Am I awake?

Am I asleep?

Who can tell!

Life is a Dream.


Day and Night !

Sun and Moon !!

Sky and Earth !!!

How cruel are the laws of nature !!

Forever keeping apart,

True Love !


Speak not mine name !

Breath not thy despair !!

Mourn not this separation !!!


Loves labours be lost !!!!

� Bhagwat    [email protected]


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