Traitors' Lack Foresight


It is a matter of sad fact that much of India was ruled by foreigners for nearly a millennium. 
How did they manage to convince us to follow them implicitly ?
How did outsiders control our destiny for so long ?
Why did this happen ? 

First and foremost - India was invaded by foreigners but ruled with connivance of Indians who helped the foreigners to remain in power in India.  Without active assistance from Indian soldiers, landowners, tax collectors, bureaucrats of various hues, aristocrats and spies, they could not have kept their hold on India for as long as they did. 

Many Rajputs, rulers and soldiers alike, served in the armies of the foreign rulers – all the way from Mughals to Sultans and even petty Nawabs.  During the extended Mughal rule, Rajput rulers regularly sent their daughters and sisters to the imperial bed chamber to cement “special relationship” with their overlords in vain hope of currying favour with the foreigners.  Not only was this feeling never reciprocated, during rule of disastrous rule of Aurangzeb, they realised how hollow this “special relationship” really was.  Had the Rajputs not served the foreign rulers as faithfully as they did, foreign rule in India would have ended much sooner.

Even after the fall of the Mughal empire – brought on by bigoted and divisive policies of Aurangzeb, Indians did not coalesce in to a uniform group to resist the new invaders – East India Company.  Instead, they let their individual rancour, petty internal strifes and family feudes be used to make political decisions that impacted their kingdoms and India’s integrity as a whole. 

It is interesting to note how many of the current “erstwhile royal families” of India refused to take any part in the 1st war of independence – which the British smugly call “the mutiny”.  Indian rulers and aristocrates worked hand in glove with the British to crush their own countrymen to retain their thrones and dispose of enemies (mainly Maratha) they feared the most.  In so doing, they came under the yoke of the British government, headed by a queen no less !  Proud men who considered women inferior to them in every way possible, bowed and conceded their rights to a diminutive queen who they had never met !  As with the Mughals, British were courted with jewels and riches beyond compare and Indian kigns were given dictionaries and Bibles in return !!  Indian blood was spilled in copious amounts to prop up the British Empire around the world and we were still called "coolies". 

Little thanks was given to the “native prices and chieftains” – note not rulers and kings in their own rights – when the British decided to evacuate and leave India after the 2nd world war.  Sacrifice of countless Indians was ignored as the British claimed the full glory of “winning the war”.  Even now, every year, British soldiers are celebrated for having saved the nation and contribution of countless black and brown subjects of the empire are conveniently ignored.  Americans who came in at the end of the war, are thanked copiously, but Indians who were there from the start and who stopped the progress of the Japanese, are conviently ignored.

Without help of the Indian tax collector, Indian policeman, Indian bureaucrat, the British could not have rule India.  Through the Non-Cooperation movement, Gandhiji exhorted his countrymen to quit assisting the colonial rulers.  It would have worked, had he not called it off after only 18 months.  Quit India and other movements followed, urging citizens to stop helping the British in their misrule of India.

Its amazing that it took decades for the people to wake up and realise that all they have to do to get the foreigners is to sincerely stop colluding with the invaders.  Sadly, even now, some Indians hanker back to the time of the Mughals and the British, assuming those to be the golden years !  Those lost years of India are like the peacock's expensive tail, impressive, but rather useless.

Even now, there are some who live in India and yet plan - actively plan - to install anti-Indian government in India.  People who support terrorists and secessionists who want to break up India's unity.  Such traitors lack foresight and forethought.  They speak flowery language of "equality, fraternity, secularism, socialism" etc.  Their fake appraisals of future prospects if anti-Indian elements come to power are as fake as mirages in deserts.  No matter how dazzling their prognosis seem if communists, secessionists and terrorists come to power, these are nightmares that have failed in every other country.  These traitors raise the boggy of "saffron terror", "nationalist agenda" to scare Indian and stop them from supporting those who want to keep India united and who want it to prosper.

Beware India of such traitors in peacock's feathers.


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