Precious Tears



Are the tears of muslims more precious than tears of Hindus, Jews and Christians ?


Palentinians continue to bomb Israel on daily basis, yet, media only picks up stories of palastinian dead – never Jewish who are killed on regular basis.


Kashmiri muslims, if they protest, attempt to kill military personal, its considered reasonable, but if the military tries to protect itself, they are judged to be murderers !


Pain of palestians is world news, pain of Kashmiri Pandits is not news worthy ?!?

Claim of Pakistani muslims, small in number, is judged to be more important than rights of countless Hindus and Bhuddhists who have been living in Jamu, Kashmir and Laddak for generations ?


People often blame all the modern Middle Eastern woes on the British of creating Israel out of Palestine.  Yet, if it was OK for the British to carve out Pakistan out of India to safeguard the lives of muslims, surely it was right for them to safeguard the lives of Jews by setting up Israel.



Everytime a terrorist kills Hindus or Jews, they invoke Kashmir or Palestine as the reason for their murderous actions.  If the tears of Kashmiri muslims and Palestinian muslims are precious and should be voiced in media, why not the tears of Hindus and Jews who die as a result of wanton terrorism ?  How many innocent people will the terrorists kill before their vengeance is cooled ? 


Pakistan was carved out of India to please the muslims.  They were given land in proportion to their population.  Why should they now ask for more land in the form of Kashmir ?  Is it fair ? 


Jews were given a tiny strip of land to restore them to their ancestral lands.  Six – not one or two but SIX Arab nations ganged up on them to try and rob them of this land.  If the Jews prevailed and won the war, surely, as victors they have the right to take the land of their enemies.  Wasn’t this is the intention of the Arab nations that attacked them ?  Had the islamic armies prevailed, would they have not annihilated Israel ?  Would they have given any land for the Jews to live on ?   


Just because they failed, the Arabs are now shouting slogans and whimpering about Israel’s control over lands they conquered.  Israel has given most of it back, but, as a victor, surely it has the right to keep what it deems its dues from its avowed enemy.  Let us not forget, most Palestinians still harbour desire to throw the Jews out of Israel.


There can be no peace until muslims realise that they have been the aggressors too.  They have to realise that they have to live in harmony with others without imposing their will on everyone around them.  Muslims can not use religion every time to excuse the atrocities they perpetuate on non-muslims.  It is unacceptable in the 21st century.



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