Secret of Survival


How Hinduism has survived the test of TIME !



Despite eight centuries of foreign rule (islam to independence), Hinduism has survived.

Despite several centuries of being without royal / political patronage (Maurya to Gupta), Hinduism survived.

Despite several centuries of constant criticism, Hinduism has survived.


Most religions can’t boast that sort of survival rate.

So, how has Hinduism survived ?


Sanatan Dharma – the original and actual name of Hinduism – has survived the test of time by being open and inclusive.  Over the centuries, it has assimilated and absorbed the best practices, rituals, ideas, institutions and philosophies of all cultures it came in touch with. 


Religion is a manmade institution and like all institutions, it needs to evolve with changing times by innovating and reinventing itself.  Sanatan dharma / Hinduism has kept pace with time and always reflecting the demands of changing times with its outwards aspects – ritual, architecture, institutions etc, whilst retaining its spiritual core of seeing the divine in all.


From Tribals, it took the idea of worshiping nature and ancestors.
From Jainism, it adopted the principle of ahimsa.
From Buddhists it learned about the power of organised monastic order.
From Islam it learned to be guarded about its sacred lore.
From Christianity it learned to be a missionary religion once again.
From Sikhism it learned to be strong again and stand up for itself.


Hinduism has managed to absorb and assimilate Gods, cultures and rituals of other religions to make it easier for others to enter it without feeling alienated by it.  Often, Gods of other religions were subsumed in to the major deities of Sanatan Dharma and hence there was no loss of face or honour on either side.  This process is continuous in Hinduism, as it absorbs the latest divinities by the name of various Sai Babas.


Hinduism genuinely believes in accepting the best ideas – wherever they come from.  That's why the Hindus sought to find the best in islam and christianity when they came to its shores and did not banish them or fight as aggressively as they should have.  Because Hinduism has sought to find the spiritual core of whichever religious and spiritual system it came into contact with, it has not openly attacked islam or christianity, though both have attacked Hinduism without mercy and continue to do so.


Hinduism continues to grow quietly whilst others scream and shout for converts.
Hinduism continues to influence the lives of its followers without being overtly oppressive or dogmatic.
Hinduism continues to absorb the best practices and ideas from around the world.


This is the key to how Hinduism will survive well into the future.



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