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Some people consider the soul to reside in the heart, head or the space between the chest. 

But, no one has been able to "capture" it.  Scientists and theologians have tried to find it by removing the head, heart of animals and humans.  They have also examined the space between the lungs to see if they can see it floating in the ‘ether’. 

Hindu Vedas say that like light that fills the atmosphere and sugar that spreads its taste throughout the bowl, "Soul" resides in the entire body, at all times.  It exists everywhere, all at once and in equal amounts. Shri Adi Shankara has surmised this beautifully in the last verse of his Atmavashat.

In that sense, the soul is as omnipresent like God, existing in all places, at all times, in equal amount.

As God inhibits the universe, soul habits in the body.


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