Shiva Yoga Day 5


18th July 2011


Jyota se jyota jagavo – let your heart be illuminated by your guru.

Let the grace of Guru illuminate you. 

Be simple, without ego or false pride. 

Let the light of Guru’s instructions illuminate your innermost self and remove the darkness of ignorance.

Share yourself with those around you.  Be generous in your sharing.  Be generous in your love.  Love yourself too !!  You need to make sure you love “YOU”.


Most powerful “emotions” come from the navel.  Your logical mind thinks of things and when they become associated with emotional attachment, they travel to the centre of your physical body and operate from the navel – Manipur chakra.


Destruction and regeneration are within you.  They are yours to command.  Your thoughts will activate the cells and their DNA to achieve your goal – whatever it may be.


With the power of mantra, you can change even the DNA configuration of a person.  Your concentration and will power has to be strong enough to do this.  Use the Shambhavi to heal and repair your cells, your DNA, and the DNA of your descendants.

Only a tiny fraction of your DNA – 3% is “active”.  Rest is inactive.  Use your energy to activate the “inactive”!


If you resent life, if you want to die, if you feel depressed all the time, your DNA and cellular body will get your message and will stop repairing the broken cells.  Your body and your cells – even DNA, will go into “shut down” mode.  Why should it do any worthwhile work if the mind that commands it is telling it to die ?  Illness will result as the body will stop resisting disease.


Concentrate on what you want out of life – your body – and it will help you get it.  Whichever energy you concentrate on – positive or negative – that energy wins and you will have constructive or destructive life.


Mostly, we concentrate on the negative aspects of life, on things that have not gone wrong.  Rarely do we celebrate the joys of life.  As a result, our lives are sad and miserable, instead of being full of joy.  For many lifetimes, sadness has become habitual for us.  We are so used to sadness coming again and again, we have FAITH in sadness coming to us again and again.

Instead of faith in sadness, have faith in GOD !

Have faith in YOU !

Have guru’s grace remove your ignorance that you are a sinner or permanently destined for failure.  Awaken the Chitti Shakti with Guru’s grace and let it reconnect you to your true identity.


Expect good things from others around you, and good things will come your way. 

Have faith.  Have faith in the Universe !


You may be ignorant or foolish.  BUT, you are not a sinner not result of sin.  Your soul is divine !


When someone “worries” for you, they send –ve energy to you, making you ill even more !  If you really love someone, if you want to do something good for you, send them +ve energy / thoughts / blessings.  They will feel better.


As all biology students know, all the cells in our body are renewed on a regular basis.  All cells die and are renewed.  How comes when the cells are renewed, they are not healthy ?  How do new cells receive the message to be well or ill ?  If all faulty cells die off, how does the disease remain ? 

Our faith in our illness keeps the illness alive.  We keep thinking and feeling that illness belongs to us, so the universe sends the illness to us.  So, get rid of the –ve thoughts and ask for health and happiness instead, universe is sure to send it to you.


Practice Shiva Yoga for atleast for a month with faith, devotion and belief its capability.  Do the sadhana for a month at the very least after the course is finished to see it work in your life.  Create the life you want with the grace and blessings for the Sanjeevani Shakti.  All you need to do is have is pure intentions, positive thoughts, strong faith, total devotion and absolute belief in the Shkti’s ability to make things happen for you. 
Don’t dither.
Don’t doubt.


Universe is like a mirror – it reflects YOU !

If you project sadness, that’s what you get sent back to you !  Project love, gratitude and happiness and that’s what you will get. 

Matters related to death, ghosts etc :-

Live each day as if its your last.  Enjoy it to the full.  Tell your loved ones HOW MUCH you love them.  You may not have that option tomorrow !


However, be detached from everyone at the time of death.  If you are attached to people, objects, emotions at the time of death, you will miss your opportunity to ascend and free yourself from the earthly / material bonds.  That’s why its best to keep the dead at peace, don’t disturb them with too much hew and cry.  Let the departing soul leave with good, clear memories.  Don’t confuse.  Don’t hold them back.  That’s selfish on your part if you do. 


At the time of death, let your gross body go.

Let your various ethereal bodies – 2 till 5 – merge.  If they merge fully with the 5th – blissful body, you will have moksha – liberation.

If your soul leaves from the upper apertures of the body (eyes, nose etc), we can conclude the soul has departed for the upper worlds.

If there is evidence of stool or urine being passed the time of death, it is likely the soul has departed from these entrances and is destined to go to lower worlds.


At the time of death, beings of the “lok” (world) the soul is destined for, come to receive the soul.  If the soul is sufficiently advanced, ancestors and the Guru come to receive the dead soul too.  If, for whatever reason, (usually due to intense attachment) the soul does not go forward to the next world, it gets stuck in this world and becomes a ghost of sorts (good or bad). 


After death, the soul’s emotions multiply 1000 folds and they impact their nearest and dearest ones.  If +ve, they bring joy and happiness to the children.  If the soul harbours resentment, upsets, vengeance, anger, such a soul has so much negativity, it gets multiplied and the rest of the family suffers – sometimes for many years to come.  Such suffering caused by unhappy souls of ancestors is called “pitru-dosh”.


Our emotions, ego, desires, fears etc are intensified in the after-life.  Hungering to satisfy these, ghosts of the dead often seek instant solutions.  Hence it is best to practise good, +ve, powerful thoughts in life, so that we can continue to be +ve in the afterlife as well.  What you ask, is what you get, so project +ve feelings and emotions. 


At times of high emotions, such as celebrations, war, love, birth, death - souls that are trapped between lives gather to tap into the energy such high emotions create.  If the moment is opportune and karmic bonds sufficiently powerful, such souls can enter the bodies of people involved.  For example, if at the moment of copulation, if one of the souls nearby has sufficient karmic bonds with couple, it will enter the bodies and become their child.  Karmic bonds have to be sufficiently powerful for this to happen though.



Mruta-Sanjivani :-

You can use your knowledge of all this to help those ancestors who are stuck between lives / haven’t ascended to next life / are ghosts.  Helping your own ancestors will bring blessings on you, decrease their influence on your life and lessen your karmic load.  Having inherited their genes, we share some vibration frequency with them.  So when we help the pitrus (ancestors), we actually help ourselves too.  NOTE – be very careful though.  Don’t be tempted to use Mruta-Sanjivani to help any and every ghost that comes your way.  Interference in karmic bonds of multitude of souls who have no karmic bonds to you is not advisable.  Unless you know what you are doing, you may end up in quagmire of more karmic mess than you started with !


By offering your prayers through the Sun god – Surya – you can help your ancestors ascend to higher loks and be liberated from misery in lower life forms.  If you want to help your children as well, use the Mruta-Sanjivani to help the ancestors of your spouse as well – afterall, they will have inherited genes from your side as well as your spouse !


According to Hindu scriptures, we owe debt of gratitude to the following people in our lives –


People we owe to

How best we can discharg our debts


By using pinda-daana / liberating them / helping them to ascend to higher life forms.
To do this, we should do sadhana and use the power of Mruta-Sanjivani to help the ancestors ascend to higher life-forms.


By making them happy.  They gave us our lives.  We should serve them with love and open heart.  Remember, we wouldn't be here without them.

Guru  / teachers

By strict obedience and putting their teaching into action in our lives.


By loving them.


By working honestly and deligently.

Those who have helped you

By self-lessly helping others and having the "attitude of grattitude".

Place where you were born By being respectful and loyal to the coutry of your birth.
Place where you live now

By being a model citizen and being loyal to the country that has provided you with your livelihood and protection.


Everytime you borrow or “take” something from others, you share in their karmas.  Loans, etc need to be repaid – otherwise you incur karmic bonds.

Lottery, gambling etc is bad or karmic bonds too.


Best way to make money is the honest way.  That incurs least bonds,

Money you get given by parents or inherit is fine.  Though u should do something for those you inherit from.


Only way to gain wealth and not incur karmic bonds or debt is to ask God, what he gives, he gives without karmic bonds.



Vastu :-

Energy patterns of a place are very important.  Either you create the energy patterns or you take on the patterns that are already there.

Every object emits energy. 

Homes have their own energy too.

Some make us happy, others sap our energy.  Happy houses give you feelings of contentedness, calm, peace, happiness, joy and inspire you.  Sad houses cause sickness, irritability, fights, poverty etc.  On entering a place, you can usually “feel” its vibrations.


Energy flow in houses works like osmosis, your energy and that of the house drain or gain till you are at an equilibrium.


There are two ways (internal and external)to increase the energy of a place – Sadhana and Yantra.

As a Shambhavi sadhak, you can emit +ve energy and transmute a negative house in to a +ve house.  No need to break walls or change direction of things – just through your sadhana change the vastu of the house ! 

You can also use “vastu correction” to make the place emit +ve energy using yantras.  Matsya Yantra stops evil influences coming in. 

Sumangal Yantra has three yantras in it – Ganesh & Lakshmi yantra, Nava-graha yantra and Guru yantra.  They ensure peace, prosperity and abundance.

Mrutunjay yantra grants health.

Shri Yantra grants happiness and wealth.


Use the yantra, mantra and sadhana to heal a place.

Above all though, be sure what you want in life – because universe will grant you what you really WANT.


As further reading, please look at a blog of another sadhak who visited the London course. 


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