Shiva Yoga Day 4

17th July


Ahm Bhramasmi – You are the creator !!

You created the life you have at present.  Create a new life of your choice !!


Through the grace of guru, siddhas and God, through Shiva Yoga, sadhaks gain what would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.


Open your heart and let love flow.

Give energy without doubt.  Be in the process of total love !


After Shambhavi, your energy flows directly from the Agyna Chakra.  It has potency and power to achieve whatever you have thought.

Hence, let your intentions be pure.

Have attitude of gratitude.

Have unconditional love.

God is generous and omnipotent, so be bold in your asking for divine blessings.


Everyday, find a reason to be happy.

Everyday, find a reason to celebrate.


God is looking for ways to help you achieve your dreams.

So, have a fabulous goal ! 


If you are looking for ways to be happy, success and happiness will seek you.


Just as we chose different types of holidays – luxury, lazy beach, tracking, discovery, adventurous, volunteering, educational, pilgrimage etc – soul has chosen this body and this life to experience certain feelings, emotions, relationships etc.  We have paid for these experiences with our karmas. 

Enjoy the life as it is. 
Choose a new life.


Have a Million Dollar SMILE

Smile sends out great amount of positive energy.

Smile from every pore of your body.

Smile and give unconditional love.  This will improve your health and well being.  It will cheer up the rest of the family too J)


Your heart’s function is to give life. 
Pumping the blood is only one function.


You are not the disease so don’t define yourself as a “diabetic” or “obese” or “hypertensive” etc. 

We are not the body – the body belongs to us. 
Disease is only a visitor to the body.  Order it to be gone !

Use your power as the Bhraman to heal yourself. 






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