Shiva Yoga Day 3

16th July



Someone wanted Babaji to heal him / her.  Babaji cited the popular saying, "Give a man a fish and it will feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he can always feed himself.  Wait, I am about to teach you how to healing so you can always heal yourself."


Create a chain / circle to heal any situation.

Ask the divine Sanjivani energy to heal the situation.

Make your request in the present-tence.

Let the amrit of your love and divine blessing flow from your Anandmai kosh.


Listen to the inner voice.

Listen to the divine voice from within.

Let the ancestors be your guide.  Once they have ascended, higher beings will come as your teachers.

Ascended masters will come and help when you are ready.

For meditation, sit in silence.

Go from the gross body to the super causal body and on to the atma and beyond.

Siddhas, Shiva Shivaa and prabrahman will come to heal and guide you when the time is right.



Unless you ask, how will you get ?

Ask in language that is simple, clear and positive.


You have not come to the universe to suffer. 
Your suffering is because of the negative karmas you have created out of ignorance.

Now that you have learned the skills of Shiva Yoga, act with intelligence.  Act on your karmas knowingly and build positive results through positive karmas.


Child is bound to the mother via the umbilical cord.  This cord is physical as well as ethereal.  If the mother meditates and gets energised first, she can pass on her energy to the child. 
Mother’s mental state during pregnancy impact’s the child’s mental and physical state in life to come.  It also impacts the personality of the child.

Foetus can listen, feel and experience what the mother experiences and things that are in the environment around her.  She may miss things, but the child will pick them up nonetheless. 

Therefore, a pregnant person should remain happy at all times.


Divinity comes to bless you in the form of your choice – Rama, Krushna, Shiva, devi, Buddha, Siddha, Jesus etc.


Impurity comes from non-forgiveness.

To become pure, forgive and give unconditional love.

Happiness is the reward for giving love.  If giving love creates such a wonderful feeling, why expect any more ?  Become an ocean of love.  An ocean does not need small buckets to add to its vastness.  So, don’t expect people to give you their small amounts of appreciations, thank yous or other things.  Just give and be happy !

Be vast in your giving of love.


Be in the present moment. 

Don’t hold on to the past.  If there is no past, there is no prarabdha (fruits of past karmas).  If there are no past karmas to work out, there is only a perfect state of “being” in the present moment.


Feeling of negativity is in itself sin !

Guilt, sadness, hate, these are sins.

Negative feelings are not good for you, hence they are sin.

Be in the positivity and be happy. 

First – forgive yourself !  Forgive others.  Seek forgiveness from others.


Don’t bind yourself with too many dos and donts.  Be normal.  Be simple.

Accept what comes your way.  Accept what is given to you out of pure love. 

Have positive intensions.

Have positive acceptance.


Everyday, Do your seva, sadhana and satsang.

Seva – do service without ego or expectation.  If you work with expectation – it’s drudgery.


Shakti that has been given to you during these 5 days is through the grace of siddhas and ascended masters.  This is the fruit of their labour.  Be grateful for the shakti that is given to you by the grace of divine masters.  This shakti is given to you to serve the universe.  Have the attitude of gratitude. 


Purity of the inner self is more important than external, superficial cleanliness.


In my ignorance, I carry forward the karmic baggage with me.  The moment I relaise I don’t need to do this, I can drop it ! in an instant !!

My karmic baggage disappears !!

We fear death without a logical reason.  The soul is eternal.  It has nothing to fear from death !  Death only affects the gross body, not the soul.


Over several lives, negative energy gets accumulated in the chakras.  Positive life-force can help cleanse the chakras.  Yet, the quantity of negative karmas takes us a long time to unblock and cleanse the chakras.  Don’t contaminate our life-force with negativity. 

Be full of positivity.   Be happy !!!





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