Shiva Yoga Day 2

15th July


What sort of future do YOU want to create for your self ?

Create the future YOU want.


Be careful what you ask for.

Be precise.  Be accurate.  Be positive.  Be simple.  Be direct. 

Universe is generous in what it wants to give you.  Do you have the clarity of vision or the courage to ask for it ?

Possibilities are infinite.  Everything is “possible”. 

Be ready to receive the blessings of the infinite capabilities of the universe !


When creating your future, don’t dwell on the negative things in the past.  Don’t fight to keep the misery of your past.  Be willing to get rid of it. 
Be active in your healing and help the universe grant you what YOU really want.

Create your future from where you are – here and now.  Don’t look back and dwell on the past.  Look forward and visualise where you want to be – not where you have been already (unless you want to go back there !)


Choose which emotion(s) YOU want to experience. 

If anger, sorrow, hate is what you hang on to, that’s what you will get in the future too.

If you choose to experience peace, prosperity, health, happiness, love as your emotions, that is what you will get.


Make plans for your future life by ACTIVELY CHOOSING what YOU WANT in YOUR LIFE. 
Choose clearly.  Visualise and “experience” the things you want in life.  Everything from people, position, status, health, wealth (amount), relationship(s), careers, goals. 

Choose what you want in a month’s time, 6 months, One year, 5 years, 10 years, long term, eventual goal.  CHOOSE !!


When Shiva is generous in his “giving”, why are being a miser in “asking” ? 
Seek and it shall be given !

Ask boldly !


Before you were born, you chose the life you were going to have.  Based on your karmic balance, your desires to “experience” things, you created the life you wanted.  So don’t blame others for giving you the experiences you wanted to have !  (to see how it feels to be in a wheelchair or have a high-maintenance spouse or fame or life-of-service or to be with a specific soul etc)

If you don’t like what you have right now, ask for it to be changed.  Actively choose not have this experience in the future.  

If you chose your present, you can chose your future. 

Create your own destiny.  You have the power to do that !


Mediate and ask Shiva Shivaa to bless you everyday – one hour in the morning, one hour at night.  Just 2 hours in the day and your 22 hours will be transformed !

You must do “sadhana”.  You have to have faith and you have to devote time to your improvement. 


Let success, achievement, health, wealth, happiness become your habit.

Feel the “destiny” you want.  Invest energy and emotions in to creating your choices for the future.



To detach yourself from what you have now, attach yourself to something higher – better.

Child is attached to a tri-cycle till he sees he can have a bicycle.  When he grows up, he attaches himself to a motor bike and detaches from the bicycle without even mentally making that choice !  Attachment to a car and than a plane can also happen – if you detach from the bike.

Attach yourself to divine things and you will detach from material things without even knowing it.


Shri Krushna asked Arjun to do the work and not worry about results – because all work ends in results of some sort.  Have faith that God is with you and the results will be powerful !  Don’t waste your energy on “what ifs” in life.  Just keep working and you will have the results.  God told Arjun, “Success is guaranteed.  Don’t waste your energy doubting it.  Have faith in your action and God’s grace.”


Be happy in every situation !  



Have Faith !

Universe is generous and more than able to provide all your needs.

Seek ! and it shall be given !!


Let nature be your teacher.  If animals can read the signs and know when such things as earthquakes or tsunamis are on their way, why can’t we ?  Be in tune with nature / your surroundings and you will have your answers.


Today was "Guru Purnima".
It was wonderful to do so much meditation in the presence of such a master and in the company of so many sadhaks !!




© Bhagwat    [email protected]


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