Shiva Yoga Day 1

14th July


Know Thyself !

You are the infinite soul of the universe. 

Discover the “You” that is within and emerge as the infinite that “You” really are.

After self realisation, you will live in a state of abundance.


Share the good you find around you.

If you find anything evil, don’t impose it on others, but destroy it within your own Shivagni.


Spend 2 hours each day to do your sadhana.  This will sustain you for the rest of the 22 hours.


Focus yourself on your goal.  Understand your objectives in life.

Happiness is a state of mind.

Give unconditional love to everyone. 

Forgive those who trespass against you.

God and goodness dwells in forgiveness.


There are five bodies that cover the soul.

Innermost is Anandmai kosh – Super causal body

Next one is Gyanmai kosh – Causal body

Middle one is Manomai kosh – Astral body

Next one is Pranmai kosh – Ethereal body

Outer one is Annamai kosh – Physical body


Only when our five koshas vibrate and work in unison, do we have ananda.

In the presence of great souls / ascended masters, our causal body vibrates at their level.  This frees it of karmic baggage without going through any pain of long processes. 


Awaken the giant within !

Become the Saat Chitt and Anand that you really are !

Only through ignorance do we believe that we are finite and bound to a life of suffering.

You are the Shiva and hence infinite and full of bliss. 

Understand the purpose of your life and of taking this human form.


Causal body is the cause of our lives.

It dictates why and how we react to things.  Our karmic bonds are related to this body.  This body dictates our health, wealth, relationships etc 

If you work on your causal body you can change all these things that impact your life.

Until all our accumulated karmas are cleansed, we can’t change our lives.


All “difficulties” in life teach us a new skill or ways to deal a given situation.  Don’t be defeated by issues. 


Whatever you want, acknowledge it !!  Don’t focus on what you don’t want.  Talk in the positives.  Don’t waste time on negatives. 

Eg – If you want to feel better, acknowledge healing, not the pain.


Be a witness to whatever is happening to you in life.

Use Sanjeevani shakti for harmony and healing.  If the giver and receiver are open to healing, miracles can happen !



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