Puja Items

For most pujas, the list of main items is usually the same. 

Metal or stone murti of Ganesh.  Clay murti can not be bathed for obvious reasons.
Metal, stone murti or painting of the chief deity to be worshiped on the day.

1 bajot / small table for Ganesh
1 bajot as a seat for the chief deity of the puja (Vishnu, Devi, Shiva etc) 
1 bajot for kalash and / or nava-graha

3 pieces of cloth to cover the bajots. Red, yellow, green or white are good colours.  Black and deep blue are not appropriate for much pujas.
1 kalash for puja
1 coconut for the kalash (more may be required as per rituals)
2 dishes - for puja items
several spoons
5 small bowls for abil, gulal, kumkum, sindur, chandan

Aatar or perfume for God
Dish of loose flowers
10 paan
3 sopari (more may be required as per rituals)

Durva (for Ganesh puja)
nadachedi (coloured cotton thread)
janoi (or we can use nadachedi)
Roll of large kitchen tissues
incense if you like incense 

For snana – bathing ritual
1 deep dish or bowl for snan
4 small bowls for panchamrut (yougurt, ghee, honey, sugar)
1 large glass of milk for panchamrut
2 kalash of water for snan and achman
1 mini bajot during snan
Small hand towels
scarf or small cloth as Ganesh's clothes (or we can use nadachedi)
Garlands of flowers or silk (number depends on how many deities you are going to worship that day)

After the main puja or rituals –
5 fruits (more may be required as per rituals)
Prasad – food to be offered to God
Arti thali
Lamp(s) - in addition to arti

Small metal bell
Cymbals and other musical instruments to accompany hymns and prayers


Other items may be required for specific pujas and you should consult the person who is going to do the puja or your elders for further details.


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