Problem with Islam


Due to arrogance and ignorance, most muslims don’t understand why the world is upset with them.  Even those who have been educated in liberal western countries, can’t see why non-muslims feel uncomfortable with islam.  Most muslims keep insisting islam is the "religion of peace".  What they ignore is that historically, and currently, islam has caused more wars, more death and destruction than any other religion.


Most muslims read history very selectively.  They do not see the colossal damage islam has done to world heritage, history, culture and religion.  They assume that once the message of islam is delivered to a nation, they must accept it, no questions asked.  They also assume that anything that came before islam was unimportant and not worth remembering or worthy of research.  As a result, they miss out on not world heritage, but also their own. 


Most muslims have not read the history, not atleast from the side of the victims of their invasions.  They have also not read the chronicles of their own ruler, generals and warlords since the dawn of islam to realise how many millions have died, been enslaved or otherwise deprived of their life and liberty to further the cause of islam.


Islam was spread at the point of the sword and that is an undisputable fact.  With the promise of victory on earth or heavenly maidens on death, men living in wastes of Arabia fanned out like locust, decimating the prosperous kingdoms in the middle east.  Within 80 years after the prophet’s death, with viral speed, Arab armies went searching for loot, slaves and new converts. 


From China to Spain and Russia to Africa.  Their ruthless, “no holes barred”, method of warfare took everyone by surprise.  This was probably the first time “religion” was used to wage war on a global scale.  Usually, wars were fought for territory, economics or revenge.  For the first time, war was being waged specifically to make people “submit to the will of God”.  And all this carnage in the name of a “merciful allah” and his “peace”!  No one could grasp the fanatical nature of the new converts.  Army of islam devastated the lands they took over.  Converts were made from conquered people.  Having lost everything, including family, they often had no choice but to convert.  Once converted, they joined the armies of their conquerors to regain lost wealth, new wives and new lands.  It was a domino effect in which the victims became perpetrators of carnage. 


But, the armies of islam did not have it all their way.  The Mongols decimated them and destroyed Bagdad.  Many others put up brave resistance and held back the tide of islam.  India held out for 500 years before letting the muslim armies cross the Sindu into north and central India.  China did well to keep the muslims on its fringes only.  Spain regained it independence and threw out the Moors after 700 years of brutal rule.  Muslim expansion was halted by the rise of the Western Powers.  Colonial expansion of European countries led to break up of the Ottoman Empire, destroying the mirage of a global caliphate.  US and UN forces have shown time and again how muslim armies can be defeated with relative ease.  Even the tiny state of Israel has shown it can defeat the combined armies of Islamic nations.  India has defeated Pakistan in 3 wars and has survived several major terrorist attempts. 


Even after conquest, not everyone submitted to the will of allah and significant proportions of the natives continued to carry on with their ancestral religion of Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism.  In Indiaa, Hindus and Jains held on to their beliefs for 800 years despite crippling taxes, unfair laws and relentless government drive to force people to convert.  After the muslims, it was the christians who ruled it for nearly 150 years and now it’s the atheist socialist government which rules India.  Yet, Hindus and Jains have held on to their beliefs.  Hindus, Jains and Sikhs have survived despite all the efforts of Islam to whipe them out.



Sadly, where-ever muslims rule, they destroy the native cultures.  Local history is destroyed, local arts are wiped out.  Bahamian Buddhas are a case in point.  Local language is mixed with Arabic to create a new bastard language that does not do justice to either.  Dress and food is modified to Arabic standards.  Women are subjugated and forced to cover their body up, least the “faithful be incited to lust”.  What does that say about muslim men if they can’t control their passions on seeing the arm or leg of a woman ?  Are they so lacking in self-control ?  But the arabic culture dominates and all women must cover up regardless of weather, culture or tradition. 


The idea of a united muslim brother-hood is a false one.  They fight internally as much as they fight externally.  There are many sects in islam and each calls the other “heretic”.  Muslims may unite to fight non-muslims, but otherwise, they fight each other in name of their own brand of islam, land, tribe, ethnicity etc.  Despite all the hype, there is no real unity in the muslim world.  Iran Iraq war is a classic example of how they fought each other for a long time, to the benefit of none.  Iraq’s conquest of Kuwait was another mute point in lack of brotherhood.  Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, they are all burning with muslims killing muslims for petty gains.  Even in Iraq and Afghanistan where foreign troops dominate, muslim insurgents are killing more muslims than foreigners !  Not by accident, but by design !  Revenge, vendetta, ransom, any excuse to kill and cause mayhem.


Islam presents the greatest threat to the world with its doctrine of Jihad.  Jihad is islam’s insistence that everyone bends to its way of thinking.  Despite the fact that 1400 years on, they have not been able to convince or conquer 75 % of the world to their brand of thinking, they keep persisting, hoping that one day, people will agree - willingly or unwillingly - to their creed. 


They haven’t reckoned on TIME though. 
Time will consume them when petro dollars run out and they will need to face up to the reality of living in the modern world.


© Bhagwatt    [email protected]


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