Problem called Pakistan


Pakistani pipe-dream of conquering India

If only Pakistan and its so called leaders spent as much time and energy on improving their nation, as they do in trying to destroy their neighbour India, the lives of its citizens would improve for sure.  The amount of time, energy and money they waste on this futile exercise it amazing.  Sadly, their actions induce paranoia in the minds of their neighbours and consequently they have to waste vast sums of money on defences they could otherwise have spent on improve the lives of their citizens.

Pakistani pipe-dream of converting India into a vassal state that pays it tribute and is converted to Islam is impossible.  Muslims are so convinced of themselves being "right" that they can't imagine anyone not accepting their version of God.  In their arrogance, they assume the whole world is just waiting to be convinced of their creed.  What they forget is, despite all their attempts, their creed has been rejected by 75% of the world !!

In parts of the world, Islam converted people at the point of their sword, death being a good incentive for sudden change in "faith".  At other places, rape, financial incentives, job prospects and occasionally philosophical conversions did take place.  Most countries where the armies of Islam went, they were ruthless in their actions and there were only two options, conversion or death.  Most conquered people either complied, died or fled their ancestral lands to escape the scourge of Islam. 

India is the only country where the muslims ruled for 800 years and yet they were unable to convert the majority population to their creed.  Despite all their attempts, including destruction of temples, rape, murder, execution, financial incentives, jizia (religious tax on non-muslims), majority of Hindus have remained unconvinced of the Islamic faith.  Its this failure to convert the Hindus and India, that rankles in the hearts and minds of most muslims, especially in Pakistan.

What Muslims and Pakistanis in particular, need to recognise is, Hindus don't care for the creed of Islam.  If they could not be converted by coercion and oppression of 800 years, they are not going to be converted by random acts of terrorism either.  Sooner they realise this, the better it will be for them and others.  Unchecked population explosion is the major reason for increase in Muslim population in India � not conversion.

Even after 3 wars, Pakistan, its people, its political leaders and its over enthusiastic army is still not convinced that they can't beat India ! They still live in an imaginary world where they think that by simply shouting some religious chant, they will somehow gain victory in battle.  Despite plenty of proof to the contrary, they continue to dream of dining off Indian silverware in New Delhi as victors in some holy battle against the infidels.  Such medieval dreams still pass as "policy" in modern Pakistan.    


Pakistan's covert proxy war with India is also failing

Over the last few decades they have nursed various jihadi groups to go and fight on their behalf.  This way the Pakistani army and government can attack India without staining their hands with the blood and gore of innocent victims of their terror tactics.  Large number of these jihadists are still sent to India through the porous borders with Rajasthan, Punjab, Kashmir the sea routes with Gujarat.  However recently, this monster of fundamentalism has decided to bite the hand that feeds it !  Considering the Pak government to be less committed to Islamic ideal than it would want, these murderous jihadists have attacked Pak army, government and public indiscriminately.  Suicide bombers, some as young as 9 years old, have been dispatched to kill Pak civilians ! 

While the jihadis were killing Hindustanis - Hindu or muslim - the Pak civilians did not care to question the tactics of the jihadists.  Now that the boot is on the other foot, and muslims are killing muslims or rather Pak as killing Pak, citizens of the failed state have woken up with horror.  Maybe one day, they will realise the folly of their way and root out this evil from their midst.  However, I am not holding my breath ! 

Pakistan is a failed state and a headache of global proportions !

Even its one time "unquestioning" supporter - USA - is now asking questions.  Since its inception, Pak has relied on USA to prop up its economy.  During the cold war, Pak was an important pin-prick in an area full of socialist and pseudo socialist states.  Pak misused the money it was given to fight communism or "poverty", and used it to enrich its politicians and to fight India.  It developed weapons by hook or crook and aimed them forever at Dehli.  Its three wars with India, including Kargil fisaco, attack on Indian parliment, 26/11 etc shows exactly where this money went. 

Once Afghanistan was occupied by USSR, Pak assumed a bigger geo-political importance than ever before and USA poured money into Pak without asking where it went.  After USSR left Afghanistan, the tap of money turned to a "drip", leaving drugs (heroin and opium) as the main stay of its economy.  After 9/11, Pak was apparently given a choice to either back USA or be bombed back to "stone-age".  As one would expect, Pak decided to back-stab the Taliban it once proped-up and sided with the USA.  Money and support from USA once again poured in to the country, and once again, Pak used this money to line the pockets of the ruling class, army, drug lords and attacked India at every possible oppertunity.

Pak has become a training ground for any bigoted fundamentalist who wants to attack any legitimately elected government around the world.  Lately, Europe and USA have noted how most terror trails lead back to Pak.  Combine this with its un-Islamic support for the drugs trade, Pakistan is now rightly labeled as a "Failed State" by many commentators !!  Deny as much as they want, most Pak citizens are tarred with this label and hence searched and questioned more than most other travelers at airports around the world. 

Pakistan has spread nuclear technology to other failed states of North Korea, Iran and Libya.  It has delibrately spread this knowledge, fully aware of the dangers.  It is a wicked act designed to spread terror in other parts of the world.

Pak is never going to be friendly with India

In India, those who think that one day Pakistan will merge or reunite with India are living a pipedream that can never come about.  This is because Pakistan as a nation was founded on principles of being separate from India.  It is, was, and will be, a terrible neighbour for any nation that is unfortunate enough to share its borders. 

To those "bleeding heart liberals" who think all Pak needs is a little bit to time and TLC, are blind to all facts.  Pak has not been on friendly terms with any of its neighbours unless it sees a way to hurt India through those bi-lateral relations.  Pakistani policy is singular in its focus - anti-India !  Anyone with an iota of intelligence can see that.  Liberals and communists in India have an ideological block when it comes to islam and Pakistan in particular.

From its inception, Pakistan existed purely to be �separate�.  Its reason for being created was to be separate from India and its Hindu masses.  Just as a seed determines the plant that grows and fruits it bears � seeds of separation are religion and cultural heritage.  As a result, Pakistanis look to Islam and Arabia for their roots and not India or even Pakistan where they live.  Hence it is impossible for them to reunite with India � there is no appetite for it in Pakistan.  They do not want to see or study the history of Pakistan before the arrival of Islam.  To an average Pakistani, any idea that they share blood ties with Hindus and that they are descended of Hindus is reviled.  They would rather trace their ancestory back to the mauraduing armies that raped and pillaged their ancestors.  For them, it is better to be an illegitamate brate of an Afghan or Turk rather than to be descendant of a Hindu enslaved during the terrible years of islamic invasion.



1) Pakistan should give up its pipe-dream of becoming India�s military over-lord.  It can not win against India and should use its money instead to help its poor masses.  It also needs to give up lecturing India that's Islam is the answer to all ills.

2) Governments around the world need to realise that supporting Pakistan equates to supporting drugs, crime and terrorism on a global proportion.  They need to re-evaluate their relationship with this failed state.  Its time to call "spade a spade".

3) India should give up trying to convince Pakistan of the folly of partition.  It�s a done deal.  Pakistan and Bangladesh are hostile to India.  There is nothing anyone can do to change that.  Give up and move on.  Don�t make peace overtures with those who have no desire to live in peace with you.  Seal your borders with your enemies and concentrate your efforts, energies, money and resources on uplifting the masses of India


Here is Arindam Bandyopadhyay's excellent and well thought out "open letter to Shahrukh Khan" on Pak being a bad neighbour -


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