Memories of the Moon



Full today, gone tomorrow !

Oh fickle love,

Thou art like the

Faithless moon !



Pinning for the love that cannot be.

Crying tears of silvery dew.

Sad & Singular,

Sickle moon.



What golden orb rises above the yonder horizon !

Cool and bright,

Full of passion, tonight !

Handsome and heady,

Harvest moon.



Love’s bonds binds us all!

Indeed, what else can hold aloft the silver moon

In a sky so vast ?!!?


Pinned on the bosom of the night sky,

By tender, tenter hooks of love,

The sickle moon !


Passion and Pain !!

With such effort had I effaced thy memory from my mind.

Delving deep in to my soul, why didst thou bring forth a flood of memories !

Cruel autumn moon!



Moved by such solemn beauty,

Rivers rise and oceans climb cliffs so high!

My heart is also stirred by the sight of the autumn full moon.


Rising above the oak and the pine,

Autumn moon casts shadows in a restless pool.

Oh! For the memories of spring!

� Bhagwat    [email protected]


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