Comparing some of the miracles between Christian and Hindu Scriptures



Moses Parting the sea

Vasudev parting the Yamuna river during the monsoon floods.

Virgin birth of Christ

Virgin birth of Sita, Krupa, Krupe, Drona, Drupadi, Dhrustadhyman etc.

Jesus curing leprosy

Krushna curing hunchback Kubja when he first came to Mathura.

Jesus raising the dead

* Rama raising from death his entire Vanar army after the winning the battle with Ravana
* Krushna raising the still-born son of Abhimanu and Uttara

Jesus feeding the masses on some bread and fish and turning water into wine

* Jamadagni feeding Sahashtrajun’s army
* Vashishtha feeding Vishvamitra’s army
* Krushna feeding Durvasa and his 10,000 disciples by eating just a small mouthful.

Jesus walking on water

Rama created a floating bridge of stones that allowed his entire army to cross the ocean.

Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Satyavan thanks to his wife Savitri




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