Types of marriages
as per Hindu scriptures


Brahma Vivah – where groom’s parents seek a suitable bride and marriage is arranged with consent of all parents.

Prajapatya Vivah – girl’s parents look for a good groom and marry her with the consent of both familes.

Gandharva Vivah – bride and groom get married without waiting for the consent of the parents.

Asur Vivah – money is exchanged by either the groom or bride’s family to secure the match.  Bride money or dowry is paid in exchange to get consent for the marriage.

Rakshash Vivah – Bride and groom want to get married but the family is unwilling for the wedding to happen.  The pair elope or the groom carried the bride away and the wedding happens without the consent of the parents.

Pishach Vivah – Bride is forced or coerced into a marriage by the groom.


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