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Karmic Link between Parents and Children


A lot of people wonder about is 'what determines who we are born to, why, where and when ?'

Universal law of karma decides who we are born to, where and when. 
Universal law of karma decides what advantages we are given in life.  What we do with those advantages is up to us. 
Universal law of karma impacts us all as we progress through life.  Like ripples in a lake, we keep impacting each other throughout life.
Using our free will, we keep performing karmas which impact our future.   
Combination of karma and rebirth helps explain why we sometimes enjoy ‘good luck’ or suffer misfortune through no fault of our own.  

Our ‘vasanas’, desires, determine where we want to be born.  Depending on the sort of life we desire, the things we want to do, the sort of people we want to be with, provided we have the requisite karma balance, we take birth to carry on enjoying what we have enjoyed in the past. 

Our 'runaubandhs', bond of (karmic) debts, determine who we can be born to.  It takes a lot of deep seated desires and powerful bonds of emotion and attachment to be ‘born’ to a being.  (Human or otherwise).

All souls are linked to other souls through a vast and complex network of karma, vasana and runa.  Our interactions with others are largely determined by these three factors.  As a result, sometimes we like or dislike a person in an instance because of the karmic bonds that extend across several life times.  When we meet someone new, intuition kicks in and all the shared experiences we have had with that soul resurface to recreate the emotions we felt at our last meeting.  Whether we understand it or not, those deep seated emotions will try to drive our relationship in this life as well.

* First of all, to be born, the soul has to have the right runaubandh with the male and female who are about to mate (of any species).  Without the runa, a soul is not attracted to that couple.
* Secondly, the soul has to be ready, emotionally, to be born.  If the soul is not ready, no life will enter the sperm and egg when they pair up.
* Thirdly, the soul has to have sufficient karmas that it needs to use up in this world to be born in the world.  Many fertilized eggs never develop into a baby or live to full term, because their karmic bonds last for only a short time.  Everyone wants to be born to riches and luxurious life, but not everyone has the requisite karmic balance to be born to such a life.  We can only be born to the life we have sufficient karmic balance for.

Depending on the karmic link between the souls involved, the child can be friend, foe, debtor, creditor, advisor or indifferent to the parents.  Some children bring happiness, success and wealth to their parents because that is what they are destined to deliver to their parents.  That is the karmic debt they have to pay off.  Some children cause unending misery to their parents, costing them time, money, anguish and worries because that is the relationship they have to fulfill with their parents.  Unless we know the results of our karmas, how can we say who is afflicting who?  We have to accept that nature is delivering the right results of our karmic debts. 

If a soul has sufficient karmic bonds to be ‘born’ of a couple but not enough bonds to stay with them, the resulting child can be born to a couple but won’t remain with that couple.  Child can be separated soon after birth or be given away to be raised by those that have sufficient runanubandh to raise the child.  Bound by runa, and karma, the soul moves from one family to another.  Sometimes, the karmic links are such that a soul is born to poor, unmarried couple in one part of the world, spends some time in an orphanage, gets adopted and ends up living with a rich family in another part of the world.  Karmic links propel the soul from one stage of life to another till it is sufficiently mature enough to start creating new karmas.  

Birth is just the start of the soul’s journey in life!  Karmas we perform, desires we nurture, emotional bonds and attachments we create determine how our life progresses, for now and forever! 


© Bhagwat Shah   
[email protected]

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