Saffron Sleeves

(Poems inspired by Japanese themes.)


What would I not do for you?


Stained by saffron are my robes of midnight blue.


What�s the hurry ?

One last kiss,

One last embrace,

One last time to breath in your scent !

Least the world should end before we meet again.


Oh heaven !

Look kindly upon our tryst,


by your own fiat,

you bound our destinies by fate.


As the sun rises, fog descends.

Gates of heaven witness in silence,


This moment will not be repeated in all eternity.


Chilly autumn night is nigh

Turn, and I look at the saffron cloak of the setting sun.



What ethereal beauty of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows

Spilled just so, on slate grey sky!

Such colours !

of autumn sun-rise!!


Golden haze envelops the morning sky.

Wrap your-self well my love,

For, autumn dawn is not as warm as it seems.


Oh bee! As the lotus blooms, my heart is also moved,


My sleeves are also drenched.


What unseen depths gave birth to so fine abloom!

Alas, can my shallow heart contain the

joy of such perfume?


Pale shades of mist, veiling the future, drift before me.

As insubstantial as memories, more substantial than life.


Mist envelops the hill below.

Who will comfort my lonely sorrow ?



Emotions, distorted by time, ripple through the calm pools of memories

Myriad images reflect in the fathom-less pools of



Play of light attracts my gaze to tender green sleeves,

Hiding perfect limbs of a weeping willow,

On the yonder shore.


Glistening on the garden path,

Momento of the sweet night past.


(Inspired by an image of a beautiful Japanese fan, laying on a snow covered garden path - Very Genji like image of an early morning departure....)



Short and sweet was the meeting at the cross-roads.

Your sleeves hardly stirred !!


parting is painful,
without parting,
how shall i enjoy
seeing thee anew ?



� Bhagwat    [email protected]


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