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Men staying with their In-Laws


I have been asked - Just as a wife stays with her husband's family, why can't a man stay with his wife's family?  Is there scriptural evidence for role reversal?

Fact is, husbands and wives can stay with parents of either partner as they wish.  There is nothing in the scriptures to force one or the other opinion.  Shri Vishnu married Lakshmiji, daughter of the ocean and is happily staying in the abode of his father-in-law.  Mahadeva married the daughter of Himalaya and is happily meditating in the realm of his father-in-law.  In fact both of them were already staying in the realm of their father-in-laws before they married their daughters !!  Truly, our ancients were far more modern than we are!!

Reason men stay with their father is because they stand to inherit the immovable assets of the father (land, fields, business, house etc).  The son(s) who stay and do seva get the bigger share of the wealth.  So they stay to inherit the maximum they can.

Because daughters go away after marriage, daughters are given mobile wealth - money, jewellery, cattle etc.  They usually do not stay nearby, but if they do, there is nothing wrong in visiting them.  If the in-laws stay far away, men only visit them during holidays or family functions.  Men usually have business or job and hence need to get back and can't stay long.  Women who are housewives can stay as long as they want.  Working women can't afford to do that and stay for only a short time. 


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