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Rasa Rahasya &Dwarika Rahasya
God loves us just the way we are!


In rasa uttsav, each gopi feels that Krushna is dancing with her, for her, by her.  1000s of gopies were there, but none felt left out of the lila.  None felt they were neglected at any point during the maha-rasa.  Krushna praises them for their dancing, he matches them in duets, he supports them when they get tired during the dance.  At each point, he makes them feel he was with them and them only.  He treats them as individuals.  This feeling of being loved as an individual is so powerful that during the interlude when the gopies lose sight of Krushna, what they mourn the most is their one-to-one relationship with him.  Once they regain their beloved, Gopies once again act on a one-to-one, peer-to-peer basis.  There is no God-Devotee type relationship, but instead they are free to behave as equals, soulmates, souls.

Later, after Krushna weds 16,108 wives.  Sage Narada comes to find out how Krushna manages such a vast household.  He found Krushna in the palace of each an every wife, doing all the domestic things expected of him as a husband.  He was playing with the kids, teaching them, entertaining guests, discussing mundane everyday things.  And yet, when Sage Narada returned to the main palace, he found Krushna there too, meditating and doing all the things expected of a Yogeshwara !

Reading these two lilas, I had an amazing revelation that these two wonderful lilas shows how God molds himself to the needs and desires of his devotees.  We don't have to change our innate nature, God changes for us!!!!! 

God is one, yet for our sake, he can become 16,000 or 16 million or 16 billion!!
God loves us, each one of us, just the way we are.  He expects us to do the best we can so that we become happy. 

God loves each of his wives just as they are.  He does not ask them to live in a massive harem and serve him at his convenience.   He gives them individual homes, individual identity, individual attention, individual love.  God is capable of this and more. 

Similarly, God loves us as we are.  He does not expect us to follow him like a flock of sheep.  Instead, he expects us to create an individual relationship with him.  God simply wants us to love him unconditionally.  Like the gopies and his wives, we have to create that individual relationship.  God will happily maintain whatever relationship we care to create with him.


© Bhagwat Shah   
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