Free University Courses Around the World



For those students who want to get a degree for FREE, there are various options.

You can apply to universities that offer free tuitions.

You can apply for scholarships, subsidies, grants and bursaries.

You can study on-line for free.


Some countries are still offering free higher education for ALL!

Even in cash strapped 21st Century, some countries are forward thinking enough to support education for all.  Some are even more broadminded and are willing to offer free education to people from outside their borders.  Some countries offer free education to students from developing nations.  Few countries offer truly free education to anyone who is willing to apply.  As laws are changing all the time and the political landscape is constantly fluid, its best to check for the latest information on-line and by calling the university directly to confirm the details of the course and its fees.


There are countless organisations that offer financial support for students.  Some support is targeted for specific groups, such as women or students from Africa others support specific area of studies (peace, education etc).  As new institutions are coming up all the time and as the amount of money available is always changing, it's best to investigate and research what is available at the time you intend to apply.


In the age of internet, there are now a number of options open for those who want to study on-line.  This allows the student to study from home and combine work with study to achieve their degree at their pace.  Some of these on-line courses are even free!


Here are some links I found on the net in February 2016.  With Internet being what it is, I am sure a more thorough search could come up with even more info.  I would suggest you use your local Student Union resources and Career Office to do a more thorough check.



Best wishes for your studies and exams.


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