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Foreign Rulers of India


Muslim rule of India was brutal at best.  The majority Hindu population was held at ransom and were not allowed to live, work or worship at liberty.  Exploitative and discriminatory rule stunted India’s growth.  Hindus were not even allowed to build houses or temples that may cause envy of their muslim neighbours.  Hindus were not allowed to follow their religion in peace.  Temples and schools were destroyed enmass.  Arts and crafts suffered terribly under muslim insistence of making only that which conformed to their religious norms.  Stone carvers, painters, weavers, singers, dancers, writers etc were all proscribed and marginalized.  In the initial phase of Islamic invasion, large number of Hindus were forcefully exported out of India as slaves.  Later, under muslim rule, Hindus were forced to follow Islamic code of conduct, killing off native ingenuity.  The amount of arts, crafts and manufacturing that suffered during Islamic rule in incalculable.  Muslim misrule proved to be the cultural 'kabrastan' (graveyard) for India.

Click here for an article on the holocaust caused by Islamic rule of India

It took over seven hundred years for Islamic rule to be eclipsed by rise of European rule in India.

British rule, under the East India Company and British Government, was exploitative at best.  They worked hard to rape the country of all its resources, including manpower.  When slavery was banned in European empires, they got around the rules by inventing ‘indentured labour’ as a way to get free labourers out of India.  In pursuit of profit, they did not care how many people died due to ‘famines’ induced by British policies on what was to be grown in India.  Indigo, cotton, hemp and tea were grown in place of edible foods, compounding effects of drought, killing millions of poor throughout British ruled India.  British East India Company, Dutch, Portuguese and French fought to control India and its resources.  They manipulated politics and economics of India and the Far East to boost their wealth back home. 

It took over two centuries for Indians eventually rid themselves of foreign rulers and win their independence. 


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