Devas vs Danavas


Why does Vishnu help the Devas ?
Why does Krushna help the Pandavas ?

Devas, Danavas, Daityas, Yakshas etc are all step-brothers. 
They have a common father and their mothers are blood sisters as well as being co-wives of sage Kashyap.

Why are they fighting ?
What are they fighting for ?

They are fighting for property – ancestral property !!
Being grandchildren of Brahma, they are fighting for the universe Brahma created and asked his sons to populate.

Brahma, being a benevolent grandsire, created sections within the universe to suite each and every creature that was to occupy it.  He created that would please them and things that will help them progress.  BUT, sadly, like children the world over, the beings he created wanted what belonged to others !  They did not want to share, but instead, wanted to snatch it from the others and add to their own hoard. 

Devas were given Svarrag. 
Marutas and Yakshas, though brothers of the Danavas and Daityas, decided to work with the Devas and occupied Svarrga
Daityas and Danavas were given Patal.

Both places were as beautiful as each other and conformed to the likes and desires of their intended occupants.  There are great rivers, mountains, gems and beautiful places in both realms.  

However, the Daityas and Danavas wanted to deprive the Devas of what they had.  It wasn’t a case of being unhappy with what they had, they were unhappy that Devas had anything at all.  Like the Kauravas of Mahabharata who were unwilling to share even 5 towns with the Pandavas, Danavas were unwilling to share anything with the Devas.

This is the reason why Vishnu helps the Devas and Krushna helps the Pandavas - to restore the balance.  Vishnu / Krushna are there are keep the universe running at a sustainable pace.  They help restore the balance and help those who have been wronged.


Sadly, this is not just an ancient tale.  It is mirrored in our lives right now.

The Pakistanis are unwilling to share any part of the Kashmir with India. 
is unwilling to share parts of Leha, Meghalay and Arunachal Pradesh with India. 
Shri Lanka is seething with internal strife between Singhalese and Tamils.
is unwilling to share an iota of land with the Israelis. 
, Korea and countless other countries are fighting with their blood relatives because they are unwilling to share the patrimony of land and resources with each other.

If only we can learn from history and realise that such wars are inherently costly, painful and perennial.  There is no end to such battles unless and until we learn to be big hearted enough to say STOP ! 

But be careful – this has to be multilateral.  Unilateral peace is an uneven truce and only ends up fuelling future wars.


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