Conspirators = Traitors !


The cause of India’s long term sufferance at the hands of foreigners is long debated and analysed. 

Here is my take. 

The reason Indians have been subjugated for so long is, other Indians.
There is a saying in Gujarati that says “Ghar fute ghar jai”.
When people turn on their own community / country, they break the very system that has nurtured them. 

When Raja Mansingh headed the army that attacked Rana Pratap, he broke more than the code of Rajput chivalry, he broke the back of India, and Indians.  Jai Chand opened the gates that had kept the thieves at bay, and by siding with Mohamed of Ghor, he dealt a death knell to India's independence. When Indian soldiers and policemen did the bidding of the British to shoot and torture their own countrymen, they did more than earn a good wage and a pension – they aided and abetted the rape of India

A handful of Turks, Arabs and Mongols from Afghanistan could not have held India for as long as they did without the active support from our own countrymen.  There were too many Indians for them to do this without active help from their own captives.  The British were even fewer in numbers and yet, with the help of our own countrymen, they managed to rob the country blind, taking all its moveable assets and resources.  Technology helped them to move India’s vast resources out of its interior, to the ports and on to England with amazing speed and accuracy.  The infrastructure they put in place to achieve this, was called “advantage of being colonised” !  How strange that even now, many of our own countrymen thank our robbers for robbing us with such speed, accuracy and guile.

Sadly, we have still not learned our lessons.  In the name of secularism, our Hindu politicians continue to punish the majority Hindus as if by doing so, they will gain the respect and votes of the minorities.  What they forget is, no one loves a conspirator, least of all the person they are conspiring with.  Recently, the very muslims Congress, and others, have been chasing, have rejected them at the polls and have announced that they will form their own party.   Having achieved the required numbers, they have jettisons the politicians who clung to their coat-tails like the cur that they were.  

Sadly, anti-Hindu parties, like the Congress, CPI, Samajwadi etc do not win because of the support of the minorities alone.  They win mainly because Hindus vote for them.  The minorities bring in the final few percentages to make the “vote bank” difference, but, the core of the votes come from Hindus.   Hindus who do not realise that their vote is being used to veto their rights.  Hindus can cry till they are hoarse, but no one will listen to their pleas that a film / painting / play / book is hurting their sentiments and should be censored.  A yet if a few cartoons, or a world famous work of fiction, or even a film, like the Da Vinci Code, angers the minorities, the government sits up and considers their views to be of paramount importance.  How can this happen in a democratic, secular country without the mute support of the majority ?  Surely, the rest of the Indians, who are not muslim, or christian, have a right to view what they want !  Its suppose to be a free country !  If the muslims or christians don’t want to watch /read something, they are welcome to look away !  Yet, time and again, with the help of our own “Hindu” politician, the majority Hindus are deprived of their rights in favour of the rights of the minorities. 

In Bihar, Laloo Prsad Yadav for years, continued to make a mockery of all known rules of governance, and yet, the silent majority watched slack jawed.  Though implicated in several criminal cases, he and his collegues continued to rule the state, and did it for 15 years !  No civil servant was paid in that time, though the supreme court has ordered payment of wages, none were paid for years!!  All codes of election and politics were broken in front of the national media and yet, no one dared challenge his absolute abuse of absolute power !!  He conspired to kill a state that was once great, and people just silently watched his murder from the sidelines ! 

Few years ago, Tamil Nadu chief minister, Jayalalita, was doing all she could do to destroy the Kanchi Shankaracharya, and his monastry, is heart rending.  Being a Brahmin herself, she knew how to hurt and insult the epitomy of a Hindu leader, Shri Shankaracharya !  

Arresting a man who has led an exemplary life on a trumped up charge of a murder, on Divali, the most holy day of the Hindu calendar is an insult in itself.   Than to put a life long monk, who has studiously kept away from being in anyway intimate with women, was put in a prison for women, an insult beyond all others.  To top it, he was kept in prison like a common criminal, not even house arrest as with most high profile accused.  The state machinery was moved into full gear to make sure media was fed all sorts of stories to make a holyman sound like a common criminal.  A man was judged to be guilty long before even a charge sheet was filed in the court ! 

Being a Hindu, Jayalalita knew exactly how to insult the paragon of Hindu holymen.

She not only sullied his honour by dragging all sorts of sordid stories into media, she used all state machinery to attack anyone who spoke up for him.  Anyone vaguely supporting the Shankaryarya’s cause has been dragged through the mud of official investigations and court proceedings.  She even tried to break the mutt from within by promoting an alternative leader and deputy.  All legal arguments were used to try to financially cripple the mutt too.  By using obscure reasons, she made sure there was a power vacuum, forcing Shankaracharya to stay away from his own mutt, and jailing his deputy as soon as the supreme court freed him on bail.  

To add insult to injury, a charge sheet in the case was filed on a muslim holy day, though the courts were closed.  It took months for the charge sheet to be served after that, but insult was delivered in full daylight. 

To top it all, all government run temples in the state had been told not to accept any religious offerings from the Kanchi Mutt !  Though no guilt has been proven, Shri Shankaracharya was to be treated as a branded criminal, and by government order, is not to be welcomed at any function !!  Yet, the people of TN and India, watched this shameful act silently. 

An actor died in Banglore and there were riots ! 
An actor was convicted of killing endangered deer and housewives went on hunger strikes !  
Yet, when a sage's character was publicly assassinated and no one even lifted a finger to protest ! 
A day or two of "bandh" does not count - most people did it to get a day off work or to avoid trouble.  There was no public outrage and certainly no feeling of injured pride ! 

Have we become so servile, that we have no "pride" ?

Insults upon insults are heaped on a man who has led a honourable life, by a woman who has led a dishonourable life !  She has done everything to insult him in public, removing him from position of leadership, forcing him to stay away from his own properties, removing financial assistance, intimidating supporters, injuring his social and religious dignity, and still claiming to be “fair” !

This is the language of all conspirators who have come before her, denigrating their own community and country to fill their own pockets. 

Little does Jayalalita know that history will judge her horribly for her conspiracy against Hindus.  Her vote bank politics has failed, as did the BJPs, who forgot who their real supporters were.  By courting the margins, they lost the main !!  Jaylalita did the same, forgetting the core Hindu voters in favour of the minorities, suffering the very political losses she dreaded.

Politicians are looting Hindu temples to pay for the Haj subsides and for sending Christians to Patestine.  No such financial help is given to Hindus for their pillgrimage.  Yet, Hindus, silently vote for these politicians time and again.  Politicians with such Hindu names as "Karunanidhi" want to destory Ram-setu, Tirupati, Guru-Vayur, Kanya Kumari and all such Hindu places.

Hindu politicians who denounce Hinduism under the guise of   "secularism" are cutting their own noses to spite their faces.  Killing of Hindus is excused, and any attempt at retaliation is termed as "communalism".  While thousands of Hindus die or are chased out of Kashmir, they turn a blind eye, and yet, if a single muslim dies in a riot of their own making, the same "seculars" scream with agony !!  Laws and even the constitution is changed and twisted to suite the minorities, flouting any ideal of justice and ethics.  Being a "Nationalist" is considered to be a crime, while being a supporter of anti-Indian groups is considered to be "open minded".   Truth is suppressed and falsehood is propagated under the guise of "politically correctness".   Education is used as a tool of promoting political ideologies.

Such evils will not last.  When these political ideologies fail, their leaders will become the villains of histories yet to be written.  It will be late, too late for the generation that is growing up now.  But, history will reflect this for sure.

When a person works with conquerors, they are selling out their own community.  Conspiring  with conquerors is frowned upon in most cultures. 
Yet, conspiracy often pays.  
When it pays big, it often becomes socially acceptable – for a while.  
Once the glitter and glamour of position and power is gone, people often show their true feelings and conspirators become the pariahs of the very society they wronged. 

Whenever a community / tribe / country has succeeded, it has succeeded because of unity. 
When people unite, they can achieve much. 
We Hindus need to remember that. 

We must unite and see to it that such insults on our culture and religion do not go unanswered.


� Bhagwat    [email protected]


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