When Compassion has become a Crime !


Daya Dharam ka mul hai ! = Compassion is the root of religion !

Is it ?

History has proved to us, that time and again, compassion has cost us dear.  Very dear.
We have paid it with our lives, liberties and a huge amount of fortune !!
It has cost us our freedom. 

Freedom as freedom as people, freedom as a community, freedom as a nation.

Daya Dharma ka mul hai !?!?

This along with "Sarva dharma samabhava" are the two biggest barriers to Hindu reawakening (more on that in the next article !).

Daya = compassion.
Dharma = duty

Whose duty is this ?  Why has it become a "Hindu" burden ?

Daya, compassion is a good thing.  But, not always, and not for everyone.

In the Gita, Krushna clearly tells Arjun that even compassion must be dolled out to a deserving person at time when they deserve it.  Anything, given to anyone, at a time when they don't merit it, will only be wasted, even compassion. 

It was compassion that stayed Rama's hand when he allowed Marich to live.  He repaid this by coming to draw him away from Sita and Lakshman, so that Ravan could do his wicked deed.

It was compassion that stayed Rama and Lakshman's hand when Shurpankha attacked them in Panchavati.  She brought Khar, Dushan, Ravan and the entire rakshash army to ruin the peaceful existence of the trio.

It was compassion that stayed the hands of Pandavas, time and again, from crushing the Kauravas.  Time and again, they repaid this kindness with ever increasing wickedness. 

It was compassion that stayed the hands of Pandavas from killing Jayadratha who dared kidnap Panchali.  He repaid this by siding with Kauravas in the Mahabharta war and killed Abhimanu by stealth.

It was compassion that stayed the hands of PruthviRaj Chuhan, time and again.  He could and should have killed Muhammad of Ghor when he had the opportunity.   The wicked invader repaid this by torturing and blinding him. 

It was compassion that led the Hindu rulers of Udaipur to help the young Aurangzeb.   He wrecked havoc amongst the Hindus and razed our temples all across India, Mathura and Varanasi in particular, killing millions of Hindus during his tyrinically rule over India.

It was compassion that led to Indian soldiers helping Bangladesh achieve its freedom from an overbearing West Pakistan.  They repaid us by killing our border guards and parading them like wild animals.  Even now, they send terrorists to blow up our markets and temples, forgetting all the financial and material help we have given them in the past.

It is compassion that leads to most western countries allowing Muslim clerics to seek asylum in their countries.  They repay them, time and again, by denouncing the very "western culture" that gave them refuge.

It is compassion that lets many a criminals out early on parole, allowing them to vent their anger on their victims and making life a misery for many more.


Time and again, we have reacted to every atrocity against us with forbearance and compassion.
Time and again, we have been repaid with ever greater violence from our enemies within, and from outside.
Time and again, compassion, given to an undeserving villain, comes to bite us in the butt.


Sometimes, compassion encourages crime, and hence, it is criminal to be compassionate !  We should heed Krushna's words and realise that some people are undeserving, even of compassion !

Its time to be compassionate to ourselves and give "compassion" a rest.
India, and Hindus, need to awake, arise, and see the vice grip they are in from enemies all around them.


We need to react and react strongly, to show that we may be meek and mild, but we are not weak and are a strong force to be reckoned with. 


� Bhagwat    [email protected]


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