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Circumcision is a right of passage in many cultures and at least two religions - Judaism and Islam.  Some tribes practice circumcision as a right of passage for their males to become adult.

Judaism :- 
Abraham had a very tight foreskin and as a result couldn’t have children till he was old (80 or 99 according to different scriptures).  A stranger (later identified as God because of the help rendered), advised him to have circumcision.  Result, eight children!  Hence he ordered all males in his camp to circumcise to release their fertility - what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Later Moses, raised an Egyptian prince, resurrected the practice because he was circumcised like all Egyptian royals. He had all the men who followed him in the desert circumcised so they could be ‘like him’.  Jews follow this practice till date.  Half (Bris Milahor) or full circumcision (Bris Periah) - it all depends on your interpretation of the scriptures.

Islam :- 
At the time of Mohamed, many Arabic tribes practiced circumcision.  He borrowed some rituals and traditions from Arabic tribes and some from Jewish rites.  There is no mention of circumcision in the Quran.  Some Hadiths and Sunnah mention circumcision as a sign of refinement.  Many myths and folk lores are used to justify circumcision that do no appear in any Jewish scriptures.

Christianity :- 
There is no religious compulsion for circumcision in Christianity.  However, some Christian sects have adopted circumcision as part of their belief system.

Tribal circumcision :-
Tribes (African or otherwise) do it for various reasons - 
1) to look virile (exposed light coloured glans against dark crotch).  Some of these tribesmen wear little or no clothes. 
2) to ‘look fierce’ and seem ready for sex at all time.  Sexual prowess is commensurate with manliness in most tribes. 
3) to show they can take pain of being 'cut' even in the most sensitive part of the body (genitals).
4) some claim hygiene as a reason for circumcision, though they live in very 'unhygienic' conditions, often walking bare foot in dust and dirt and handling animals. 
5) some claim fidelity - though that is laughable in face of multiple wives and extra marital affairs that are known to happen in these cultures.

Female Circumcision :-
Many tribes and cultures across the Muslim countries and Africa practice female circumcision, cutting part or all of external female labia.  This is totally unwarranted and unnecessary.  There is no hygienic or fertility reason for this.  This form of circumcision makes it impossible for the woman to have sexual gratification by external means / masturbation.  Internal intercourse is seen as the only means of sexual pleasure, thus tying her pleasure to a man.  It is usually carried out at puberty and thus very painful.


If God wanted people to be uncircumcised, he would have ‘designed’ men and women accordingly - afterall - God made us in his image!  Why remove that which God has given all of us?  Personally, I feel unless there is a medical reason for circumcision, there is no need to do it.




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