Christ and the Christian God


Christians find it difficult to relate to their God in a “direct way”.  They believe the only way you can get to God is via Jesus. 

This is mainly because Christianity has evolved from Judaism.  God of the Bible is very stern.  By his own admission, YHVH is a jealous god who brooks no one to be placed before “him”.  To bring this Elohim to the common man, Jesus stressed on the relationship between “Israel” and their God as “Father”.   

After Jesus was crucified, his new Jewish sect decided to admit gentiles to the fold.  However, before doing this, they had to solve a major philosophical problem of how the gentiles will deal with their “God”.  God of Jesus was decidedly the God of Abraham and his progeny – “God of Israel”.  He had no particular love for other people of the world.  To allow the gentiles access to this God, leaders of the new sect said, the gentiles would have to go through Jesus.  Jesus will be their link to this "God of Israel". 

Hence, Christian theology insists, you can only come to God through Jesus. 
True enough if you want to get to God of the old-Testament and are a gentile ! 

If you want to get to GOD, and are not restricted to this being the God of Abraham, there are other means, methods and mediums besides Jesus.


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