How many "zeros" in a Billion ?


In 2009, UK government gave over a total of £ 250 million to help out corporates to "kick start" the UK economy.  There are approximately 61 million people living in UK.  This works out at just over £4000 per man, woman & child in UK !!

USA is planning to spend about a trillion dollars (combined spend of old and new administration) to help its 303 million population.  This works out at just over $3300 dollars per person in the country. 

Europe, is planning to spend just over 2000 Euros per person in its boundaries.
Governments around the world are planning to do the same.

Amazingly, all this money will come from "we the people" in form of various taxes, and be given to the banks, failing corporates and inept businessmen to spend on "us the people" !!  Purpose of this huge spend ?  Officially, this is so that "we the people" can continue to "borrow" from the corporates and keep them in business to keep the economy buoyant ?!?!?  Makes no logical sense to me !

If the reason we are in this mess is because "we the people" have overstretched our finances, the best way to help us all is to give "us - the people" the money we need.  There seems to be no point in paying the people who charged us the huge interests and got us into debt in the first place !  Why not give "us the people" this money directly so we can spend it and kick start the economy ourselves ?  Governments can give this money to the people via tax breaks, tax holiday or tax-credit.  At £4000 per person, for a typical family that would be £12000 - £16000 and I can see lots of families getting out of debt, paying off loans and buying new things to keep the economy going !! 

Government's idea of paying the corporates to keep the economy buoyant is most absurd !  It's like paying the poacher to be a game keeper and expecting them to change overnight !  Or like paying a mugger for bruising the victim and expecting the mugger to spend all that the court awards it to buy the victim a bandage !!    

"Economic aid to the corporate world" will continue to promote a "debtor" society, where everyone is encouraged to get as big a debt as they can "afford".  Of course - if you could afford it, why would you be in debt in the first place ?  Semantics aside, governments around the world are throwing money hand over fist to try to keep the corporate world afloat on "our" money, so that "we the people" can pay off their debts, and get "we the people" into bigger debts !!  Sounds totally crazy to me ! 

BTW - how many zeros in a billion ? 
Google it !!  Seriously !!
Americans think its 9 and some non-English countries in Europe think its 12 !!
I can now understand how governments, banks and corporates got us in this mess in the first place :)

(More money has been squandered on corporate and failing banks by various governments since this article was originally written in 2009.  Sadly, this has had no real impact as the money is wasted on companies, processes and people who were failing in the first place !)


© Bhagwat Shah   
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