People of Bhopal vs Fish in the seas of USA



See the contrast of how America deals with an industrial disaster and how India deals with it.


For an oil spill that killed a handful of people, damaged some wild life, destroyed some fishing opportunities and potentially harmed the tourist industry of a small part of American gulf, BP is being grilled, its assets decimated and its corporate image in tatters.  President of US has personally secured $20 billion in compensation from BP as an “interim payment”.


All this for fouling the waters of USA.


In India, Union carbide leak killed thousands of people.  It devastated the lives of many more for generations to come, ruined the land, fouled the water and it continues to do so even 25 years later.  Yet, India did nothing to punish the culprit, did not secure sufficient compensation for its people and even 25 years on, is unable to bring the guilty to court.  Forget about punishing the company that killed thousands of people – not fish – PEOPLE – the government is defending its reasons for letting that man get safely out of India !!


India has done nothing concrete to get him extradited, has done nothing to secure on-going funds to treat the victims and yet, the ministers who were and are in position to change things, sit unashamedly, defending their positions.

This from a government that has ruled India for best part of 60 years and touts itself as a saviour of the poor and the minorities who were particularly badly hit by this disaster.




Poles apart – these are the things that separate the “Developed” from the “Undeveloped” world.  I would rather be a fish in the developed world than be a poor man in a developed world – at least my life has a meaning and a value far above that of a begger in the developing world. 


I don’t understand how Indian public keeps voting the same corrupt, ill-equipped, useless, unhelpful, unimaginative, self-serving politicians again and again !  Are the people so blinded by “election time gifts” that they don’t see the evil behind the façade ?  Are the people so illiterate they can’t see what is and isn’t good for them in the long run ?  Is illiteracy excuse enough for repeating mistakes again and again and again for 60 years ?  Even a dumb dog knows not to go near a house where he has been kicked in the teeth before !


Indian people are not protesting at the shannigans of their corrupt officials.  Even days after its become obvious how the congress government let the people of Bhopal down, no one has resigned, no one has asked for any heads to roll and no one – NO ONE has protested at the government in charge of such terrible human tragedy !! 


The same public shouts slogans against books and films that offend their "religious and cultural sensibilities" !    
No NGOs, no film stars, no literary giants, no MPs of any party not even the former ruler of Bhopal have come out to seek justice. 
No sit-in at Jantar Mantar or India Gate, no candle light vigils, no “fast-un-to-death”, no march through any town of any significance.  Why ?


Oh for the price of American fish – someone should shout at the government and make them pay for the misery they are causing the people of India !!

But, unfortunatly, the price of human life in Bhopal is so cheap, worhties of India have not seen any value in protesting for it.



© Bhagwat  [email protected]


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