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Theft, is a theft, is a theft.

It does not matter how many days, months, years, decades or centuries are past, theft still remains a theft.

The Islamic conquest of India robbed the native populace of many of their rights, lands, money, lives, culture and temples.

Many of our best temples were torn up, their pillars and other dressed stone works used to create the early mosques in India. Proceeds from looting our nation were used to finance palaces, mosques and forts in various parts of Afghanistan and beyond. Horrendous and barbarous destruction of ancient civilization was regaled in countless court chronicals of muslim rulers who knew nothing of its greatness.

This was, and is, a travesty of justice.
Justice remains the same throughout the world - because, theft, is a theft, is a theft.
We were robbed of our heritage and it is time we asked for it back.

Till recently, Hindus were ruled by foreigners for 1000 years, who abhorred our ways of living and worship. They did everything in their powers to suppress us and remove every possibility for us to reclaim our heritage.

Now, after centuries of injustice, it is only just that we should redress the situation and demand our rights. Most Hindus are in favour of rebuilding their temples on their principle religious sites - Varanasi, Mathura and Ayodhya. Most us do not want to "destroy" the mosques there, we simply want the mosques moved, brick by brick, so that our Hindu sacred sites can be reclaimed for their original purpose - peaceful worship of our Gods in our way.

To the Hindus, these sites are as sacred as the Dome of the Rock is to the Jews and Muslims. The site itself is highly charged with religious sentiments.

To the muslims, there is no "sacredness" attached to the site of the mosques in Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi and other places. They only value the historic nature of the masjids themselves. These structures have a religious and historical purpose to fulfil and that can be easily achieved by moving them to a non-disputed site, rebuilt and restored for future generations.  There are plenty of precedences for this in the muslim world - where old mosques are moved for various reasons including making room for a princely palace in Saudi Arabia !!

Instead of being fair and impartial, muslim organisations across the world are insisting that the injustices of the past remain where they are to continue to pain the Hindus.

On 27th February 2002, muslims burned a coach full of Hindus - men, women and children returning from Ayodhya.  They burned them in a little known town of Godhara in Gujarat, which then became a centre of violent repercussions that quickly spread to other towns and cities across Gujarata.  Over 790 muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the violence that followed.  Several hundred are still missing and thousands were made homeless.

Terrorists from Pakistan, Bangladesh and beyond have attacked India several times since 2002.  They have attacked Hindu temples in Gandhinagar, Varanasi, shoppers during Divali, various other prominent sites across India, trains, hotels and even a hospital in Mumbai.  They keep claiming they are seeking justice for pulling down the mosque in Ayodhya and muslims killed in Gujarat.  What about the justice Hindus deserve for being looted and occupied since the 1100 AD ?  They seem to be very blinkered and only look at the tears of muslims while ignoring the tears of countless Hindus.

Congress government of India is complecite in all this too.
For votes, it continues to deny truth written in countless court documents from countless muslim rulers.  This has only prolongs the pain of both communities.

In a true and just country, justice must be impartial.
Just as a thief must return the stolen objects to the original owners, Hindus feel our holy sites must be returned to us.

Over a thousand year's hurt is yet to be healed.  Other temple / mosque desputes are still pending at Mathura and Kashi.
I would ask all parties, on all sides, to contribute to this healing.

2010 UPDATE -

On 30th Sept, 2010, Indian court delivered its verdict - giving 2/3 of the land to Hindus and 1/3 to Muslims. 
Muslims claimed the ruling was more faith based than historical.  They chose to ignore volumes of data and physical proofs dug up on-site.  They chose to ignore the sentiments and pain Hindus have felt over the centuries.

Let's be on the side of history - There was a temple there. It was torn down to make a mosque. Land should be surveyed and original area the temple covered should be given back to the Hindus to make their new temple.
Mosque should be moved, brick by brick, to a new site so it can be preserved for muslims as their historical monument.  This is exactly what has been done at Somnath in Gujarat.  Hindu temple of Shiva was restored and mosque moved without any problem in 1951.

Let's be on the side of faith. Hindus believe Rama was born here.
Muslims don't have any attachment to the "site" - only the mosque. So, lets move the mosque, brick by brick, to a new site so it's historic value can be preserved and muslims can continue to pray in halls built by their kings and generals.

http://koenraadelst.voiceofdharma.com/articles/ayodhya/foundnlost.html - well researched article on archaeological findings at the temple site and how media distorted the real news.

http://www.vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayArticle.aspx?id=1425 article from BB Lal who excavated the site at Ayodhya

http://koenraadelst.bharatvani.org/articles/ayodhya/evidence2.html - refuting the lies of secular Hindu baiters

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archaeology_of_Ayodhya  -  archaeological evidence of Ayodhya



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