Gossamer Veil

( Collection of my poems with an autumn theme. )



Like the delicate dew, Song of the cuckoo.

Passing breeze, and Passion of the bee,

Life is just too short!!


Moved by such solemn beauty,

Rivers rise and oceans climb cliffs so high!

My heart is also stirred by the sight of the autumn full moon.


Seen, unseen, dull and bright.

Veils of mist drawn tight.

Suddenly painful, momentarily cool.

Brief glimpses of the autumn full moon!


Bright carpets of red and gold.

Spread under eves of trees, so tall.

Silent reminders, for all to see.

Fate of acquiring fool’s gold.

A life-time of wealth, scattered by the heedless wind,

Ever so bold.



Gossamer veil of Autumn mist,

hides tears of countless late blooms.



With some intrepidation, a golden leaf leaves its lofty lodgings.

Gentle is the gaze of the autumn Sun, sombre and bright.


 Abandoned by birds,

and the bees,

No longer used as swings by children,

No longer the romantic bower of lovers,

young and old,

Autumnal tresses of windswept willows.


Suddenly !

The summer is gone !!

Saddened by its departure,

trees shed copious leaves.


Be gentle my love!

Tear not the gossamer veil.


Even the impetuous bee awaits patiently for the bloom

to open of its own accord!



� Bhagwat    [email protected]


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