Shri Vidya 3

21st July 2011


Be humble.

Offer your ego to your God and your Guru.

Seed has a hard, impenetrable shell.  To grow, the seed has to be shattered.  There is no other way to release the potential of a giant tree to grow from that tiny seed.  Guru’s Shkti-pata breaks the shell of the student’s ego.  Student than transforms and grows.  (Maybe because as toddlers we are ego-less that we learn so much so rapidly in nursery and take a lot longer to learn later in life)


Attitude of Gratitude is essential in life.

Be grateful to God, Guru, Teachers, Saints.

Their grace will transform you from the earthy “you” > liquid / fluid “you”  > fiery you > > airy you > vast you > light !

This is the sadhak’s progress from Muladhar to Sahastradhar.


Religions and institutions they spawn are man-made.  Do not be bound by their limitation. 


This human body is made of the 3 gunas – satva, rajas and tamas.

It craves approval and “love” from others around it.

Nirgun – the formless soul within you – is beyond such petty emotions.  It does not crave approval, it is not attached.  It appreciates that though it may have nothing, IT is EVERYTHING ! 

It is the light, it is the joy.  It is the life everlasting. 
(These words – often used in the Christian prayer – are actually to be addressed to your own soul – because you are your own saviour !)

Today Babaji sang the mantras of Jain, Sikh and Hindu sects as part of meditation.


Guru awakens the knowledge / wisdom / shakti in the sadhak. 

Shakti / knowledge / wisdom is within.

What you awaken depends on you – your capacity.  Guru’s grace is infinite.  Expand yourself to match the grace of guru.  Don’t be small minded / spirited !!

Your actual innate capacity is infinite.  Are you willing to experience that ?

To experience and expand yourself to that level of GREATNESS, you need to be VAST in your love for everyone !!!


Soul / Life-force does not discriminate.  
Mind / intellect attaches the 3 gunas to the things it encounters and discriminates based on “Likes” and “Dislikes”.

Mind has the capacity to create misery or happiness or blessing.

Having stored “experiences” of several thousand lives, mind accumulates the desires and karmas of lives which bind it and give it its distinctive “nature” and “characteristics”.

You, as the soul who is in charge if everything, can override the mind and order it abandon all such baggage it has been dragging with it for the last 1000 lives.  By doing this, you can abandon the “misery” attitude  the mind is lording over you.

Command your mind, emotions and body to be under your control.


Set your goals. 

Be precise.

You only get what you aim for.  So aim HIGH !





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