Shri Vidya 2

20th July 2011


Along with Saundarya Lehari and Shri Vidya, Adi Shankara instituted the worship of Shri Yantra. 

Shri Vidya is also called the Sanket Vidya (knowledge of the (divine) symbols)

This is the highest form of Kundalini Vidya and Sadhana

Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari is the presiding deity of the Shri yantra.

Your Shri Yantra should be in a single piece – it should not be broken or have screws etc.

Ideally, it should be made of metal.  More often than not, the stone / crystal ones are not as accurately made as the metal cast ones.


In essence, Shri Yantra has 9 triangles that intersect / interlock and radiate out from a bindu.

4 upward triangles are forms of the Shiva.

5 downward triangles are forms of the Shivaa – devi.


In a three dimensional yantra - 

The base is essentially a square with 3 steps.  There are 4 projections – one in each cardinal direction from these steps.

After the steps, there are 3 circles.

There is a flower of 16 petals.

Next, there is a flower of 8 petals.

Next level has 14 triangles

This is followed by 10 triangles

Next level also has 10 triangles

Followed by 8 triangles.

Final level is a singular triangle.

There a bindu – rising like a lingam from the centre of this top triangle.


Angles, relative sizes, proportions, directions etc of each elements of the Shri Chakra are exact and dictated by conventions in various yantra and tantra scriptures.


Crystals and the “golden book” should be kept with the Shri Chakra so that your worship can give you the results you want.

The sadhana room should be separate if possible.  It should be a peaceful place and should have natural light.  It should be clean and uncluttered. 

You can worship the Shri Yantra with dry kumkum on a daily basis.  

During worship the Shri Yantra should be kept open.  Afterwards, it should be covered up in a red cloth.


When doing sadhana, do the usual pranayam, invocation etc.

Let the grace of God descend on your sahastradhar.

Bathe yourself in the nectar of the divine light.  Let the Shri Chakra within you be covered with this grace.

Let the meru and its triangles rotate in all direction within you. 

Let the nectar flow through you and overflow into the universe around you.

Recitation of the mantras will cause the Shri Chakras in each cell within you to rotate in infinite direction with infinite speed.


Be precise in what you ask of the universal spirit.

It does not read your mind or second guess you – so be precise in your request.

Shri Vidya will grant you what you want, as long as you are precise and pure of intensions.

Do not ever try to deprive others of what they have.  Do not hurt them, cause irritation or hate others.  If your wishes spring from such negative emotions, universe will not grant such negative wishes.

You can get whatever you want if you help others get what they want. 



1) Perfect your mind, body and sprit through your sadhana.

2) Do seva without any desire for personal gain, name, fame or status.

3) Do sankirtan, sing the name of God with other sadhaks.

4) Follow the normal rules of Yoga – yam, niyam, ahinsa, asthey etc.


Creating your own destiny through Time management –

Make a list of all the things you do in a day.

Give them priority listing of A = essential ; B = Useful ; C= frivolous

Analyse your activities.

If you want to be “A” in your life, abandon all C category actions and focus on A category actions.


Physical connection with guru has limits – physical limits.

Psychic connection with your guru has no limits.  It can happy day, night, sleep etc !

Remember, “Guru” is not a physical entity.  It’s a spiritual shakti.  It permeates the universe.  It is everywhere.  Learn to tap into this inexhaustible source of divine assistance and you will always have your “guru” near you.


Nichiketa Agni (fire) is

1) Attitude of Gratitude

2) Unconditional Love

3) Forgiveness





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