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19th July 2011


Shri Vidya has ancient antecedent.

The trinity, heavenly gods, siddhas, 7 great rishis, Hayagriv, Agatsya, Lopa Mudra, Dattatreya, Parshurama, Adi Shankaracharya etc have all studied the Shri Vidya in great detail.


Shri Vidya is the worship of the universal sprit in purely monotheistic way (Advaita = non-duality = monotheism)


If your consciousness is high, you can gain material as well as spiritual benefits from following the Sri Vidya and not incur any karmic bonds.

If your consciousness is low, you will gain less than what you seek.  You may gain only what is due to you from your karmic balances.


If you seeking to release your karmas and are trying to attain higher consciousness, your mantra sadhana will help you accelerate your growth.

If you are at a lower level of consiousness and are only trying to gain wealth for wealth sake, mantra sadhana will help you gain wealth by en-cashing your karmas from future lives, but this will eventually leave you in the karmic deficit.


When your karmic bonds are released, God grants your wishes anyway – because you have than made yourself worthy of such grace.  Once you have done away with your bonds, you are at “sama-bhava” – equanimity.  In the state of total balance, you have no attachment to anyone or anything.  No attachment, no bondage !  Without bondage, you can enjoy everything and still incur no karmic load for this life or lives hereafter.


You must focus your energy and time.  Results will happen !


There are many ways to worship God.  Sama sadhana is as valid a method as the Aghor sadhana.  Some may wear, red, white, ochre, black or even remain naked.  But they are all seek the divine.  

Do not criticise other people’s approaches to divinity.  The path may be many, the goal is the same.


Recitation of beja (seed) mantras creates vibrations which spread out in the 5 bodies (koshas) we have.  The depth and sincerity of our pronunciation shows up in the resultant effects of the mantras. 

We speak in different “voices” -
Vaikhari - Voice we can hear 



Para – this is the voice of the soul and reaches to the soul of the universe

Our voice creates a “nada” – vibrations.  These vibrations have an “energy”/ shakti associated with them.  (Wave is a form of energy)  When the shakti resonates at the level of Para-vani, you are speaking to the Bhrahaman – soul of the universe.


If the mantra, yantra or tantra worships the divine in Advaita form (pure monotheistic / non-dual form), and the sadhak is totally sincere, the results can be seen in an instant.


Do not be attached to a “form” of the divine.  Such an attachment is also a form of (higher) illusion.  Like an actor, Divine has no fixed form and so takes the form it chooses to suite the situation.  To truly love GOD, accept the divine in ALL its different forms. 

Do not ever try to convert others to your views by force.

Trying to forcefully control others is the truest form of “sin”.

Do not control others through pain, fear, greed, hate etc.  Such emotions are not good for your spiritual growth.

Just as you should not control others, do not let others control you through pain, fear, greed, hate etc either.

Just as it is wrong to control others, its wrong to willingly let yourself be controlled by others.

Your motivation for any actions – especially spiritual, should be unconditional love, desire to help, kindness, feeling of abundance, faith. 



In merger, there is no separation (dvaita / duality). 

In merger, there is no “attachment” – as after attachment, there is no duality !


Shri Vidya –

Cycles of creation and destruction are balanced via Shri Vidya.

Sadhak used the -

Destructive capacity of the vidya is used to destroy the karmic bonds.

Creative capacity of the Shri Vidya is used to create the future you want.

This sadhana can help you gain spiritual and temporal benefits.


Adi Shankaracharya (~700AD) was a great exponent of Shri Vidya and established Shri Chakra sadhana all over India.  When he beheld the beauty of (Shiva) Shivaa, he was moved to write the fantastic Saundraya Laheri (wave(s) of beauty). - text – audio part 1 – audio part 2 – audio part 3 – audio part 4 – audio part 5


To understand such wonderful scriptures, you have to meditate on them.  Only through silent, deep meditation can you understand the inner language that revels the secrets of the Saundarya Laheri.


Divine beauty is within us.  Universe is within us.  We simply have to realise, recognise and experience this.

The soles of our feet are the lowest regions of the universe, the Muladhar Chakra is its middle – where the Earth is.  From Manipur Chakra, we get into the regions above and by Sahastradhar, we are in the highest heaven of all.


This same truth is mentioned in Purush-Sukta of the Vedas.

The same truth was shown to Arjun in the Vishwa-rupa darshan during the great war (SMB Geeta – chapter 11)

There are 10 main or Maha Vidyas - main forms of the great Goddess.

There are 11 Rudras.

There are 10 / 24 incarnations of Vishnu

There are 10 Aditayas (forms of the Sun)

There are 2 forms of Brahama Vidya (Sagun and Nirgun)

All these are consolidated in the singular Shri Vidya.


You have come to this fantastic course because God and Guru have willed it so.  They love you so much, they wanted to reveal this inner most knowledge to you.  Rejoice !  God has selected you to be here.  God wanted you to be blessed, transformed.  God LOVES YOU !


Nectar of bliss flows in the true Shiva Yogi. 

True Shiva Yogi lives intoxicated by this wonderful bliss !!


We never see people as they are. 
We see the world as we are !  Like a mirror, it reflects our inner-self.




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