Pakistan, the modern Shakuni !


Shakuni was the beloved uncle of the Kaurav princess. 
Yet, he was their hidden enemy. 
While they struck out at Pandavas, and others, precieving them to be their enemies, it was Shakuni who was doing all he can to destroy the Kuru family.  Kauravas thought the Pandavas were the root cause of their misery, never realising that actually, it was their own maternal uncle who was feeding them such imaginary notions of dynastical injustice. 

While the Kauravas did everything within their power to deprive the Pandavas of their rights, resources and peaceful existence, they always blamed the Pandavas of having instigated it all !  For them, the very existence of Panadavas was painful – mainly due to their uncle’s murmurings. 

Sadly, even as they lay dying, none of the Kauravs could realise this simple fact.

Today, the West is striking out in any which direction to stave off terrorists, while ignoring the obvious source of all terrorists so far – Pakistan !!

Instead of telling Pakistan to rein in its terrorists and than taking actions to make sure it complies, the western governments are giving it all the military and financial aid it could ever want to pursue its grotesque designs.  

Terrorists train future recruits under the very nose of Pakistani intelligence and military commanders.  Its nuclear scientists – lets face it Dr Khan can’t be the only one – spread nuclear know-how to other states with government connivance.   Money meant for AID and charity is regularly diverted for terror purposes. 

All this is known and commented upon by foreign media and various governments, yet, Pakistan sits pretty, knowing USA will never censor it.  Everyone used to admonish Shakuni, including his own sister, yet, as long as Dhrutrastra and Dhuryodhan were on his side, Shakuni knew he would never be compelled to leave the court of the Kurus.  Like the Shakuni of old, Pakistan too knows it has the support and protection of the real power brokers in the world of politics and hence it can pretty much do as it pleases. 

Hunting with the hounds and running with the hare, is something Pakistan has perfected in to an art form.  Pledging to end terrorism to the West and sponsoring terrorist outfits openly on its Eastern front is a mind boggling act of hypocrisy.

Sadly, no one seems to have the guts to call a spade a spade and lets them carry on with their lies.   Everyone has a stake in this and hence often turns a blind eye to the obvious. Bhishma did it, Balarama did it, even the virtuous Drona and Krupacharya did it. 

It is for their own selfish ends that anyone supported the wrong that they knew and saw. 

Sadly, even now, everyone knows where the terrorists are being trained and who they may attack next, yet, everyone seems to choose to look the other way.  Most of the Western countries are hoping that the terrorists trained in Pakistan will be used against India and they will be spared the headache of containing India’s ambitions.  Little did they realise that the same terrorists, tired of fighting the Indian army, will one day turn on them.  The recent attacks in London has opened their eyes to this new danger.   However, vested interests and geopolitical posturing means even now, after the truth of its terror network is laid bare before the world, Pakistan gets away with blue murder – literally !

Even now, USA supports Pakistan, knowing full well that Pakistan is responsible for the nuclear proliferation that has happened around the world.  Though China and North Korea, sworn enemies of USA, are guilty of helping Pakistan, USA keeps its silence, hoping to milk the situation for some future advantage.  

Like the Shakuni of old, Pakistan thanks USA for its aid packages, and than the very next day, takes out long marches, shouting anti-American slogans, burning UK and USA flags.   Such duplicitous behaviour is not for the faint hearted.  Only a great gambler like Shakuni could do it, and lets not forget, most Pakistanis pride themselves in being descendents of Afghanis, Ghandhar of old - the land of Shakuni !

Sadly, the situation is so very much like MahaBharat, one day, this modern Shakuni will drag down the very people who are sponsoring it.  USA will have only itself to blame if does not wake up to this danger.  It should cut out this cancer of hypocrisy that is bleeding it dry.  While its resources are so focused on fighting un-winnable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is unable to fight the real enemy standing by its side. 

Only by neutralising the terror sponsoring states, will the West win this “war on Terror” ! 


Bhagwat    [email protected]


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