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Poems for Dahi Ma


Our friend Jayendrabhai Khimasia asked me to write poems to celebrate his grand-ma Dahi Ma's 98th and 100th birthdays.
Here are my reflections of her wonderfull and inspirational life. 

Dhai Ma says the secret of living to 100 is regular exercise, simple food, calm nature and sharing lots of love :)
Even at the age of 100, Dahi Ma still walks upright, without a stick! 
Her secret seems to be her deep rooted belief in non-violence (in thought, speech and action) and by looking at housework as exercise! 
No one in her vast family, spanning 5 generations, remembers her getting angry with anyone.  She has never raised her voice let alone punished the kids !!
Dahi Ma always says, peace, patience and perseverance are the keys to leading a happy life even at 100.

Poem to celebrate Ba's 98th birthday (Gujarati)

Poem and speech to celebrate Ba's 100th birthday (Sanskrit & English)

Poem to celebrate Ba's 100th birthday (Gujarati)


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