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Israel vs Hamas (summer 2014)


Latest Palestinian attack on Israel seems totally pointless and inexplicable.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason for starting this latest fight, unless it is to garner attention and beg more money from international donors. Now that Syria and Iraq are grabbing the news headlines around the world, Hamas probably feels it is missing out on publicity and funds that go with international aid. In all probability, Hamas has deliberately picked this fight with Israel during Ramadan to get everyone to refocus on Palestine and restart the flow of money in its direction.

They have started this fight with Israel over a relatively minor incidence and that too during the month of Ramadan. 3 Israeli boys were kidnapped and killed by Hamas. 1 Palestinian boy was killed in revenge. Jewish boys who carried out the attack were caught and confessed their crime in record time. Hamas has yet to find the killers of the 3 Israeli boys.

Just at the time when rest of the Muslim world was focusing on Ramadan, Hamas started to rain missiles on Israel, knowing full well that hardly any rocket will land on any worthwhile target in Israel. They know full well that Israel is capable of knocking out any rocket that Hamas can fire. At least Israel lets the Palestinian civilians know they are going to bomb a particular location to get the civilians out of there. Hamas sends its weapons indiscriminately to kill any and all civilians it can. Hams knows that if a ground assault is initiated by Israel, Hamas terrorists may or may not suffer much, but the civilians will suffer for sure.

Hamas deliberately fire rockets from civilian areas. Hamas deliberately stock piles its weapons in civilian areas. Hamas deliberately hides behinds the skirts of women and nappies of babies. Hamas knows full well that as Israel tries to knock out its missile launchers and stock pile of weapons, their own civilians will be hurt. But they don’t care. It is infact a deliberate ploy to make Israel look bad in world opinion.

What the international donors should really ask is, why is Hamas misusing their funds for buying missiles rather than building a future for it’s citizens. Hamas gets billions of dollar in aid from Muslim ‘charities’, Arab governments, EU, USA and UN. Why is it misusing this money to buy rockets? Donors should ask, how does Hamas smuggle weapons in such enormous quantities into such a tiny area as Gaza ? Why is Hamas misappropriating aid funds to buy rockets ? Why doesn’t it use that money to build infrastructure, farms, factories etc that will benefit it’s people ? Why is it wasting it’s money, manpower and lives of youth by fighting such unnecessary wars ?


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